founder coaching: going from Side-Hustle To Full-Time

you've found your passion. you work on your idea to change the world day and night...but it still isn't getting anywhere. maybe you can't find your voice. or maybe there aren't enough hours in the day. 

I know, because I've been there.

let's work together to take your side-hustle to the next level. 

I work with early - mid stage female founders in the social impact + wellness spaces. together, we can find and refine your voice, both as a company + a leader. I have worked with dozens of organizations on overall brand strategy, content creation (ongoing), funding materials + prep, and organizational planning - bringing their work to the next level.

oh, and not to mention having someone as a sounding board is quite helpful (it does get lonely at the top).


wellness coaching: committing to your personal best

you work super hard. you eat salads (sometimes) and go to the gym (does walking to the printer count?). but, it still feels like something is missing.

it's difficult to pinpoint one exact reason, but everything seems fine instead of great.

let's change it. 

as a certified wellness coach through the Institute of integrative nutrition, and a 200-hour certified yoga teacher i know that the body and mind must work together to feel good. but, there are other important facets of life that will enable you to be your best self

sign up below for a free, 15-minute chat to discuss your goals + see how we might work together. excited to chat!


workshops + speaking events: sharing the love

katina regularly holds workshops and speaks publically in major cities across the United states. 

some of her workshop topics include:

  • passion therapy: finding your life goals + making them stick
  • ethical branding: storytelling while staying authentic to your mission
  • health + wellness: creating a healthy lifestyle for busy people
  • environmental sustainability: being more sustainable in your everyday
  • yoga + meditation

Katina is based in San Francisco, but regularly travels to new york, los angeles and other major cities. she has partnered with brands such as saje wellness, outdoor voices and others to collaborate on events.

if you're interested in partnering on an event, workshop or public speaking engagement please reach out below!

Working with Katina has been great - she has not only helped us strategize for the future of our company, but also has brought us innovative ideas we wouldn’t have uncovered on our own.
— michelle, founder of callina style


examples of past clients