What it really means to have Good Vibes (from a Reiki Master)


Saying someone has “good vibes” doesn’t just mean they’re super chill. 

Let’s go back to elementary school science: everything on Earth is made up of atoms and energy. And, that energy can vibrate high or low (fast or slow) depending on a couple of different factors. 

We Humans are also made up of atoms and energy. Our thoughts, our actions, and even what types of environments we attract into our lives all have to do with the “vibes” we emit.

Weird to think about, I know. When you’re first trying to wrap your head around these ideas it sounds super wonky. 

But, think about it: when you feel happy and free, it seems like everything is coming your way without even trying — connections, jobs, friends, relationships. In these moments, you’re vibrating at a high frequency and sending that out into the world. Based on the Law of Attraction (this ain’t The Secret, but it’s a real thing), you start to attract high vibe things, too.

This practice also can have the opposite effect. Have you ever found yourself in your room, in the depths of the night stressing about that huge presentation or interview or date the next day? It seems like there’s a continuous flow of bad shit coming into your mind, and then you break your phone? Yeah — been there. Low vibes all around.

But, don’t just take it from me. In this week’s podcast episode, I chatted with my first (and renowned) Reiki Master, Tanya Corona about energy healing, crystals and how to attract good vibes into your life. 

Here are a couple of things I learned:

Good Vibes start with you

The most important thing I took away from our chat was that good vibes start in your mind.

It’s up to us to decide if we want to put out good vibes or bad ones. I think this is a really interesting point, because most of the time when bad shit happens, we resign ourselves to this idea that “Bad Things always happen to me.” 

But, we can change that. And, it all starts with our mindset.

You can practice Raising your Vibration every day

There are a couple of tried and true practices to help us raise our vibration that we can practice in our everyday lives. 

Most of these ideas center around moving energy, or metaphystics that I spoke about with another podcast guest of mine, Sherene Schostak a few weeks ago. 

These include: meditation, yoga, deep breathing, doing something creative like writing/journaling/drawing, practicing gratitude, or spending time in nature. 

All of these activities help us get grounded, and connect to our Higher Selves. Seriously — it’s not as weird as it sounds, and when you begin practicing them, you notice that once-stressful situations don’t seem as bad anymore.

Bad thoughts can change

One of the most important pieces of this work is that it’s okay to have bad thoughts.

We don’t need to be these insanely positive people who are always happy. We all know the type. And, honestly — it’s not realistic.

It takes a certain type of mindset though to be able to reframe shitty situations into a challenge. Into a moment that will pass, not something that will impact the rest of your day/week/month. 

Those everyday practices, like yoga or meditation, really help to practice those mindset shifts in a low-risk environment. They help you connect to that Higher Self who will tell you during those shitty times — things will get better.

Bad things will happen, but it’s even more important to think about how you’ll deal when they do.

You can also get an energy reset with Reiki

Another way that you can start vibrating at a higher frequency is to reset your energy with Reiki.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that helps to shift away bad energy to make room for good ones. 

Before I went to my first Reiki session, I thought it was super weird. I didn’t believe that it could actually help me in any measurable way (someone standing over you, surrounded by crystals, “moving energy” was too much for me).

But, after I left my first session, I immediately felt lighter. Clearer. It was quite profound, and since that time I can’t even begin to describe the different lens I began to view my life. 

Now, Reiki doesn’t have the same effect on everyone — and even people’s experiences can vary from time to time. But, if you’re on a path towards creating good vibes for yourself and others, it’s definitely a practice to try out.

Overall, having Good Vibes takes practice. It’s a complete mindset shift that will change the course of your life — truly. 

And, once you begin to experience what it feels like to “vibrate higher” you’ll want to surround yourself with people, things and experiences that do, too. It’s a constant cycle — no matter what side of it you’re on.

So, try it out. Dip your toe into the world of real Good Vibes, and see what a difference it could make. 

soulKatina Mountanos