The importance of daily rituals


Since I entered the Working World, the idea of Being Comfortable scared me. Because to me, Comfort meant settling. It meant routine.

And, most importantly it meant growing up.

I avoided creating routines like the plague. My first year of working was an uphill battle against Normalcy. I cringed at the idea of falling into a gym-work-sleep schedule. I began to itch when I imagined myself getting excited for the weekend (“why couldn’t every day be an adventure?”). I felt claustrophobic sitting at a desk all day—especially as I looked out of my building’s floor-to-ceiling windows at the outside world. It seemed like I was literally allergic to Growing Up—my body and mind were rejecting everything I was Supposed to be.

I had always prided myself on my ability to go Left when everyone else was heading Right. I savored moments of independence, of difference—of freedom, really. So, when I entered the working world and realized that I was getting paid to go with the grain rather than against it, I immediately rejected it all.

My solution was to make sure that no two days looked the same. 

I traveled often and took adventures in my own city almost daily. I said Yes to invitations when I (definitely) should have said no. I pretended to care for my plants, and my body, and fulfill my “adult responsibilities” – although that never worked. For one, my plants always died within a few days (I slowly realized that plants can’t survive very long without water).

As I look back on those first few years of work I can’t help but think that maybe I’m just a complete oddball who hates authority and consistency. But, maybe I’m not that different—maybe we are All are hardwired to associate being comfortable with being boring.

Over time, I learned that routine doesn't have to mean that we're giving something up. In fact, our daily rituals are almost the opposite of boring; they are cathartic.

My views on creating daily rituals—activities that I complete each day without fail—morphed when I moved to the bubble of Brooklyn with my boyfriend last summer. I found myself looking forward to our Sunday dinner dates, or my evening appointments with my facemasks, wine & my favorite show (ehem hello Rachel Maddow).

I realized that the activities I once viewed as boring and lame were now actually very much needed to combat the stressors of my everyday. I began to crave those morning coffee cups at my table, or the few minutes I spent after dinner each day watering our plants. I penciled in time to write in my journal each Sunday morning—no matter what I did the night before.

Those rituals gave me Purpose. They validated the idea that I did actually accomplish something in the “busyness” of everyday.

And, these moments became more of a refreshing ritual over time. We all know that finding time for yourself in this world of ‘busyness” is difficult enough. The importance of daily rituals are that they hold you accountable for Doing You. For being with yourself. For making alone time less lonely.

So, let’s embrace routine, and note down all the activities we enjoy completing on a daily basis. Self-care is rad. Don’t let yourself forget it.

What are you favorite daily rituals? 

I asked you to tell me your favorite daily rituals, and you answered! Here’s my favorite:

From @nicoleritieni: “My daily rituals include – waking up, drinking a half glass of water with a serving of Chlorophyll (amazing!), and taking my Ritual daily vitamin. I sit on my meditation pillow with my angel card deck or the Universe has your back deck by Gabrielle Bernstein. I pick 3 cards most days, but the number changes based on what I feel. There card typically aligns with whatever I’m experiencing and I sit in meditation for about 5 minutes after picking my cards to see what comes up <3”

mindKatina Mountanos