The danger of not feeling


Today, we woke up in a confused world.

For those who Won— they were confused (and surprised) that they did. For those who Lost — they were confused and devastated at the state of our society. And, for the Rest — they were confused and anxious about our collective future.

The danger of confusion is that it morphs the mind into a fuzzy place, smoldering all other feelings it touches. It denies us the necessary time to process. It dips it’s toe dangerously close to feeling Numb.

And numbness — lack of anger, frustration, despair, even hope — is worst of all.

Because, numbness denies us of a unique human right, a human trait that defines our species: Feeling emotions.

Right now, we are allowed to be emotional. We are allowed to be angry, to cry, to feel hate (right now, yes), to be overwhelmed. Right now, we are allowed to wallow in pain and shock and existential fear.

Right now, it is more dangerous to numb our feelings, than to actually feel them.

Because, ignoring all of those emotions is what gets us to where we are today. Pushing fear and frustration under the rug only delays the outcome. It allows us to walk around in a bubble, a haze of disbelief.

Acknowledging emotions does not make you weak.

So, one of the most frustrating — and downright disrespectful — outcomes of this election, was that the Winning Side had the audacity to minimize these feelings. To convince and berate people for feeling Something. For comparing our feelings to “mourning a death” or that we should “move on and come together as American people.”

No. Just No.

We the Losers (although really, winners) deserve to Feel. We must do so in order to start the healing process.

Because, like any heartbreak, we know that in order to get over the pain we must not avoid it. We must face it head on, no matter how scary.

So, wallow in your pain today fellow Losers. Let yourself have a Bad Day.

And in that time of feeling deep, deep emotions — you will self-reflect. You will make promises to yourself that this will never happen again. This is not just about politics and Washington and The Establishment and White-lash.

This is a lesson in being an Adult. In being Human.

And, one that will define Us forever.

Just remember: We are going to be the change. We are the ones who believe hope trumps fear, commitment trumps notoriety, and most importantly, love trumps hate.

We will harness our feelings, our angst, our frustration and yes, even hope — and we will push for Good. We will be wary of complacency. We will connect with other humans that have these magical feelings, and do better.

But for this moment, allow yourself to feel something. And then, make a resolve to change it.

soulKatina Mountanos