Making periods less awkward: all the ways you can care down there


Periods are always awkward and messy. 

From the moment periods entered our lives, they’ve been something to worry about. Whether you didn’t have a tampon before a soccer game, or you found yourself praying (praying) that it would just show up — it’s always a stressful experience.

But, with so many companies nowadays that are helping women embrace periods instead of trying to pretending they don’t exist, I’ve been finding there are too many options (underwear? organic tampons? the cup?). I mean, we’re lucky that times are changing for the better — but what’s a woman to do?

On this week’s podcast episode, I was lucky enough to interview the co-founder of LOLA, a feminine care company that’s making periods less awkward. 

So I thought it might be helpful to cover all the different ways we can deal with (embrace? too strong) our periods once and for all.


If you’re a tampon user like me, you’ll be hard-pressed to know that tampons are not regulated by the FDA, because they are considered “medical device.” 

Are we in the 1950s, or what?

When co-founders of LOLA, Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman, learned that they’ve been putting these products into their bodies for decades without knowing what’s actually in them…they knew something had to change.

Overall, this is just downright scary shit. We know what’s in everything from our salads to our facemasks, but not our tampons? 

If you’re still into using tampons the make sure to: (1) Know the ingredients, (2) Try to go organic (you’re putting that shizz into your body).

Some organic tampon companies you can try are: LOLAThe Honest Company, and Cora


One of the biggest issues we all have (don’t even tell me you haven’t experienced this!) is ruining undies because of period woes. 

I know, it sounds taboo and icky to talk about. But, in comes Thinx — a company that makes period-proof underwear.

Thinx is one of the first companies in this space to rethink how we respond to periods. Their undies and other activewear products can absorb up to two tampons worth of blood…but feel normal.

Depending on your flow, this option could completely erase all needs for other products (saving $$, energy + the environment), or supplement it.

Check out all of their products here (and hey, get $10 off!).


Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about menstrual cups — something I thought was gone with the 1980s. 

But, the more that I learned about them, the more that I realized: (1) They’re not as gross as I thought, and (2) They are awesome for the environment (less gross waste), and (3) They basically last forever — so say goodbye to that stressful $15 per month for a box of tampons.

To be honest — I’m right along this journey with you, so I’ve yet to try out a menstrual cup. But, I’ve heard that DivaCup is a classic choice.

Regardless of which way you choose to care for yourself down there, especially during that special week of the month — just know that it’s most important to change the conversation. Let’s all stop being awkward about our periods, and feel comfortable talking about whatever option is best for us. 

Want to learn more about making periods less weird? Listen to my latest podcast episode on Challenging the Collective, featuring the co-founder of LOLA, Jordana Kier!

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