How to be a morning person


The moment you hear the buzzing of your alarm, you become a different person. Your hand moves without your consent. Somehow, the snooze button has turned off completely.

Three hours later, your eyes flutter open. Shit. You’re late.

…Sound like you, night owl?

Mornings aren’t for everyone. Your internal clock is wired by genetics–so it’s more your body’s fault than your own willpower. But, it’s also been proven that on the whole, morning birds are more happy and more productive than people who burn the midnight oil.

As an Adult, we only have so many hours in the day–we should try to at least use them consciously (hey, I’m not saying a Netflix day is a bad thing). Being in pajamas all day is one thing, but making your morning start before 1PM is another.

So, how do you do it? How do you motivate yourself to open your eyes before mid-day?


Pick out your clothes. Pack your bags. Make your lunch. Prepare your coffee.

These little tasks seem tedious, but when you already have the most annoying parts of the morning out of your way, you can spend more time doing others (or sleeping a few extra minutes).

Also, you can start your day feeling more prepared, and less strapped for time. Who hasn’t experienced a morning where you were running around with one sock on, and your entire closet on the floor?

Mornings should be sacred–like anything else in your life, the more preparation you put in, the better.


Before you to go sleep, think of one activity in your upcoming day that you want to accomplish. Whether it’s resolving a frustrating Excel formula, or getting Chipotle for lunch–what excites you, even a little bit?

As an Adult, the little things are just as important as the Big.

And sometimes, you need to give yourself time to think through an issue. We already know that spending a few minutes thinking before bed can help you wake up in the morning with a solution. But, also spend some time in that hazy state between dreams and reality when you first open your eyes visualizing your day.


Procrastinators of the world: stop pressing the snooze button.

I know some of Us will continue to press snooze for hours–it’s almost like a rite of passage. But, keep your alarm far, far away from your bed. If you force yourself to get out of bed to turn it off, then you’re already awake. And at that point, waking up doesn’t seem as half bad.

When you allow yourself to push off even small tasks, like waking up, it bleeds into other parts of your life. Deadlines and relationships don’t have a snooze button. Part of Adulting is sitting up in bed and forcing yourself out of it–even when you don’t want to.


According to Elle Woods, endorphins make you happy, right?

We’ve all heard the statistics that successful people exercise in the morning. But, we’re not crazy robots here–I’m not advocating for a 5am wake up to go to Cross Fit.

Speaking from personal experience, exercising in the AM hours provides you with a huge amount of energy, and something already checked off your To-Do list. It allows you time to think, and reflect. And, it lets you spend time in those morning hours without talking to anyone–so by the time you get to work, you’ve already gotten through your worst hour.

And it makes those shitty 9AM meetings a little bit more tolerable.


Mornings are easier when you have (somewhat) fun activities to do. Do you love writing? Give yourself 5 minutes in the morning to get your thoughts out. Does the smell of coffee make you smile? Use that as motivation to get out of bed.

Find the things that make you happy in the morning, and continue to do them. Make them a habit. When you start to wake up at a similar time each day, and have an (enjoyable) routine, you actually want to continue doing it. And don’t forget–weekends still count.

It takes 30 days to make a habit. Start with Day One.

bodyKatina Mountanos