Portland, Oregon


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ah portland. what a cute, surprisingly trendy (more like hipster?) city. i've long been obsessed with it since watching portlandia on every flight i've ever been on. so, once i finally had the chance to go, it was actually better than i imagined. 


we were lucky enough to stay at the heathman hotel - it's one of the oldest hotels in the city, centrally located, and had these awesome loner bikes (for free!). everything in the main part of the city is somewhat close--other cool hotels in the area are the ace hotel and the nines hotel.

all of these spots are on the west side of the river; if you're in town for a short amount of time i would stay there - though nothing is truly that far apart. 



portland is really easy to get around. biking is pretty common, and lyft/uber are easily accessible. it's also a pretty walkable city, so that's an option as well.

if you're planning on doing some exploring outside of the city, i might rent a car for the weekend.



many things to do in portland have to do with eating, drinking beer, and smoking (not too healthy, huh?). the good thing is that there are many socially conscious eaters, too--so worry not! this list won't get to everything, but these are a few spots we tried.

  • clyde common: this hipster-style bar/restaurant is perfect in between breweries, or even as a brunch option. their food is all locally sourced and changes quite frequently--but always delicious.
  • mother's bistro: this is a must-have for brunch. definitely get there early (no reservations), because it's adorable grandma's house vibe is everything you want on a cozy sunday. 
  • food truck park: food trucks basically originated in portland, and there are plenty to choose from. there's a food truck park in downtown portland with so many choices, you could go for whatever your heart desires.
  • stumptown: this is a must-try...just because this is the hometown of stumptown. there are plenty of other more hipster spots, but give this one for good measure.



with the constant rain, it didn't feel like we had too much time to explore. but, there are a couple of can't miss things to do:

  • bike to forest park
  • explore powell's city of books
  • try out some breweries on the east side (for a unique taste: cascade brewing)
  • go to the chinese garden
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