The story

no one ever told me that growing up was weird + confusing.

when I first entered the working world, I didn't understand why everyone around me was settling for "good enough."

I promised myself right then and there that I never would--and more importantly, I wouldn't let those around me settle either.

On Adulting was born in 2016 when I started writing about my own journey navigating adulthood in a mindful and happy way. i didn't realize how many others would join me. 

What started as a public journal now has an audience of close to 20,000 humans around the world. My musings about growing up have been published in places like Teen Vogue, HuffPost, Mindbodygreen, Elite Daily and others. And our badass O.A. community connects in lots of ways: from virtual book clubs to IRL meet ups; from retreats in Mexico to asking deep questions on Facebook (seriously).

I never could have imagined that so many others were craving a life of passion + purpose, but just needed to find their power first. Over the past four years, as I’ve turned my life into one I could have only dreamed of, I’ve learned tons of tools that helped me along the way.

And now, I want to share them with you.

Join me?





working together

katina regularly holds workshops and speaks publicly in major cities across the United states. if you're interested in partnering on an event, workshop or public speaking engagement please reach out below!

some of her workshop topics include: finding your passion + navigating your career, ethical branding + storytelling, health + wellness, environmental sustainability and yoga + meditation.


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