on adulting was created so that we never feel alone.

growing up can be weird and confusing. on adulting was made because we're all on this journey together. and hey - every single one of us could use support.



ways to get involved

the on adulting tribe spans cities and countries. there are tons of ways you could get involved - no matter where you are.  because, we're all in this together - and what's a better way to bring each other up than to be there for each other IRL?


join on adulting: the space (secret) facebook group

On Adulting: the space is a group of badass women who are figuring "it" out. We are entrepreneurs +/or creatives, just starting our careers +/or a decade in. We our own Humans who are passionate about making the world - and ourselves - a little bit better. 

Together, we can figure out this weird journey into adulthood together. We can provide advice on career choices or relationship stuff. We can share the coolest new workout we tried or the best acupuncturist in New York. Whatever your heart desires.

This space is for all of us. It's support for the largest and smallest decisions we make in life so that we don't need to figure it out alone. 


read with us in the o.a. (virtual) book club

the o.a. book club was started out of a need and a desire. 

a need to be surrounded by a tribe of women - no matter where they are in the world. and a desire to have deep, intelligent conversations about life.

the o.a. book club is unique because it's something that can happen from anywhere. whether you're traveling in bali or working a late night in ny - you can join our monthly sessions (with a glass of wine of course) and dive into our juicy conversation.

Invite your friends! Invite your mom! Heck - invite yourself - your WHOLE self to the party. We're all here to support You. 




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