The O.A. Conscious Gift Guide: Holidays 2018

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Can you believe it’s the holiday season already?!

It feels like 2018 has sped by - so much has happened but oddly enough, so many things have stayed the same.

This year, i’ve been focusing on reducing my personal footprint. From experimenting with reducing my waste, to buying less stuff I’ve downsized in many ways - and surprisingly it feels really, really good.

So, for as much as I love giving (and receiving - let’s be real!) gifts, shopping hasn’t been on my mind as of late. But, there are tons of ways that we could show our appreciation for others and ourselves around the holidays in a thoughtful + conscious way.

I’ve put together a guide of all my favorite O.A.-approved gift-giving ideas for the 2018 holiday season. They’re a mix of experiences, home-made goodies and stuff I’m loving right now. And each item on the list is good for you and good for the world.

for the lady who needs some self-lovin’

we all know her - a friend/mom/sister who puts everyone ahead of her own needs. give her some tools to slow down + appreciate herself, too.

  1. Cypress CBD Bath Soap, Daughter of the Land

    this is one of my favorite bath additions. it smells super calming and it’s infused with CBD. it’s also by one of my favorite woman founders (listen to her story here)!

  2. Beauty Boost, Vital Proteins

    I recommend taking collagen for everyone. this vitamin is one of my favorites and i’ve actually noticed a crazy difference in the strength of my hair + nails.

  3. Essential Oil Diffuser, Saje Wellness

    using essential oils is one of my favorite ways to start my day. i love saje wellness’ commitment to sustainability. and, it helps that their diffusers are beautiful.

  4. Cozy sweater, Athleta

    Athleta’s clothes are not only super comfy - but they’re made with some of the most sustainable materials on the market. I love these for yoga or relaxing.

  5. Meditation Pillow Set, Project Full

    Project Full is an amazing company: their products use 100% organic cotton, vegan leather and handmade in the USA. This is perfect for an avid meditater or newbie!

  6. Gua Sha Facial @ Studio Britta (or other!)

    I’ve been dying to get a facial here (hint hint…!) - I’m not a facial guru, but treating yourself to relaxing experiences is key to chilling the freak out.

  7. Membership, Classpass

    Classpass is an awesome gift, because no matter what city you’re in - and even if you belong to the gym already - there are so many cool workout studios to try.

for the lady who is always on-the-go

so many ladies in our lives are traveling the globe or even around their cities. help make this busy lady’s life a teeny bit easier.

  1. Discovery Facial Kit, Indie Lee

    Indie Lee is one of my favorite clean skincare brands out there (check out her story on the podcast!). I am obsessed with her travel kits to have healthy skin on the go.

  2. On The Go Coffee Mug, S’well

    S’well mugs have been some of my favorites for a while. they keep drinks really hot or cold for 8+ hours (perfect for slow drinker over here!). Plus, they’re sustainable.

  3. Weekender, Everlane

    Everlane is basically the cool j crew for people who care about the world. their new sustainable collections are awesome - and i love this travel bag in olive.

  4. Solar Portable Charger, Anthropologie

    Who else is constantly stressed about their phone dying while they’re out? This portable charger is awesome because you can charge it on the go, too.

  5. Surprise Weekend Trip, Pack Up + Go

    For that lady who is constantly planning trips (Type A people over here) - give her a break. This female-owned company (by one of my best friends!!) is SO cool.

  6. Meditation Subscription, Headspace (or community IRL like Anchor Meditation)

    Help your always-stressed friend chill out by giving them a not-so-subtle nudge towards meditation. Headspace has wonderful options for travelers + really busy ppl.

  7. Healthy meals, Daily Harvest

    If you’re like me, cooking always falls to the bottom of your list. Daily Harvest delivers organic, frozen meals straight to your door (talk about easy!).

for the lady who landed her big girl home

no matter if it’s her first apartment, or she bought the damn thing (!!) - every adult lady needs some stuff to make that house feel like a home.

  1. Candle for the memories, Homesick

    These 100% soy candles are super cute - especially for those of us who live far from home. The New York Candle has a smell of literal concrete (and other yummy stuff!).

  2. Boobie succulent holder, Etsy

    I LOVE these plant holders from the moment I saw a picture of them on Instagram. I tracked them down for us on Etsy - I love all the different styles!

  3. Magazine subscription, Kinfolk

    Kinfolk is my favorite magazine that I still get in physical form (seriously). It always has really inspiring stories and makes for a perfect coffee table book.

  4. Home cleaning, Handy

    For those who put off picking up their clothes from the floor until the last minute - this subscription might be the perfect solution.

  5. Rice cooker, West Elm

    Ever since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made pressure cookers a thing, millennials everywhere are obsessed. But seriously - they’re lifesavers (and cute).

  6. Pillows, Avocado Mattress

    Oh my gosh - these pillows couldn’t be more comfortable. And, they’re made from purely sustainable materials. Check out more of their story on the podcast!

  7. Organic EVOO subscription, Kosterina

    It’s definitely not just me, but I can’t live without extra virgin olive oil (it’s key to all of my meals). P.S. My cousin started this badass female-founded company.

for the lady who has everything

there’s always that one person in your life who has every damn thing…or you just have no clue what to get them. here are a couple of things that might fill ‘em up

  1. Starter investment, Swell Investing

    We often forget about our finances until it’s a bit late. Help a sister out and start off her long-term wealth right. Plus, Swell only invests in socially responsible companies.

  2. Crystal Kit, Energy Muse

    Know someone whose been mildly curious about crystals? I love Energy Muse because they make crystals cool. Shop by intention if you’re confused!

  3. Cool experience in their city

    I’m all for experiences over things. find something cool that you could both do together (see a show, go on a wine tour, mini vacation) and buy that instead!

  4. An online class

    It’s cool to continue learning - no matter what the “return” is. There are some awesome websites - like Mindbodygreen or Acumen - that have cool courses.

  5. Donation to a nonprofit in their name

    a few years ago, my family realized that we don’t need things for birthdays. instead, we make a donation in their name to a nonprofit that resonates with them.

…and for the dudes

well of course - we won’t be just sharing the love with our ladies. and for some reason, guys are notoriously difficult to shop for. here are some of my go-to gifts for lovers, brothers, dads + friends.

  1. Vest, Patagonia

    It seems like every finance bro or tech dude now has a full wardrobe from Patagonia. That won’t stop them from being my favorite company ever.

  2. Rock climbing class (like Brooklyn Boulders in NYC or Mission Cliffs in SF)

    Dupi’s been obsessed with rock climbing lately, and it’s actually a really cool hobby to get into. Get the man in your life a class or spend some time climbing together!

  3. Craft Coffee (Hemp-infused), Strava

    I just found out about this company but how cool - CBD-infused coffee roasted in Colorado. That coffee snob in your life can try this latest craft coffee trend.

  4. Workout membership, Aaptiv

    For the dudes in your life who are always on the go - this workout membership can go anywhere with them. And, an annual membership is only $99!

  5. Speakers, Sonos

    In our home, we’re obsessed with Sonos speakers. Depending on how much you want to treat your guy, there are lots of different sizes to choose from.

  6. Sneakers, Allbirds

    Allbirds are all the craze in SF - maybe because they’re the “comfiest” shoe; maybe because they’re made out of trees (seriously). These shoes are cool without trying.

  7. an old school, “full shave” experience (Dupi’s favorite is Barberie NYC)

    Dudes need to be pampered, too. Instead of treating them to a facial (or in addition!), give them an old school, Italian hot shave experience.

Katina Mountanos