Put your $$ where your mouth is: How to make Big Picture Impact with your dollars


For many of us - especially us ladies - talkin’ about money is an uncomfortable topic.

But, when it comes to giving our money away to causes we care about, women actually donate their money and time close to 100% more than our male counterparts.

Here’s the kicker - what if I told you that you could create big picture impact for our world…while also growing your wealth?

If this seems ironic to you, I totally get it. My relationship with money wasn’t always easy. When I first graduated from college I would cringe every Sunday evening when I looked at my credit card bill. Even though I was making more money than I ever had in my life (and working in finance no less!) the idea of tackling my student loan payments, contributing to my 401k and possibly even treating myself to a glass of wine every once in a while was too much to handle.

it wasn’t until I completely shifted my attitude around money - and realized that being conscious about my spending, saving and investing can impact myself and the world - I began to see my wealth grow. Literally.

And more importantly, I realized that by putting my money where my mouth was and actually shifting my spending habits to align with my values, I could actually create more impact than my daily recycling ever would. Of course, I’m not advocating to stop your sustainability efforts on the small scale - every change makes a difference - but by using your purchasing power to communicate your values, we can send signals to companies, governments + society that our choices do matter.

I’m going to break it all down for you in this post so you can start creating wealth + impact, too (and maybe treating yourself a bit more often!).

So, here are 3 ways that you can become more conscious with your money over the long-term - and make Big Picture Impact in the world:

Invest your $$ in sustainable companies

Investing is one of the ways that we could continue to create long-term wealth, while also giving back.

Many of us don’t think too much about investing our money, especially in our 20’s. But, wealth compounds over time so it’s actually really important to begin investing our money early so when it comes to retirement we’ve got money in the bank if you catch my drift.

In the past, investment platforms and wealth management companies didn’t discriminate across company types - as long as they made money. But nowadays, investing can align with our values - so we don’t need to be putting our $$ into stocks and companies that make our world…worse off.

COIN Investing is a great example of a platform that allows personal investors like us to start creating long-term wealth with as little as $100 while also doing good. You can invest based on your values - and COIN will find companies that align with the causes you care about ( and if there’s less work involved for me, that’s perfect!).

So, we can start growing our own wealth in a conscious way.

Invest in sustainable products

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world - right after oil and gas?

Let that sink in for a moment.

To put it in perspective, that new $10 shirt you got for your Friday night party might be saving you money now, the environmental and social cost can impact our entire world for years to come.

On the flip side, by not consuming products as frequently, we’re saving ourselves money while also reducing the amount of stuff that’s out in the world. Also, when you do purchase your clothes, home goods and even skincare products from companies that truly care about our world - we actually have the power to shift the paradigm of our Earth.

By purchasing less and investing in our products more (both from a time and cost perspective) we can not only grow our own wealth - but send a message to companies across all industries.

Of course, this mentality is one that takes a long time to shift - and honestly something I’m still working on. But, each time you are looking to purchase a new product first ask yourself - do I need this? And then, understand if the place you’re buying it from has a positive impact on the world rather than a selfish one.

O.A. tip: I really like to use apps like Buycott or DoneGood to check if the products I’m purchasing are truly sustainable or not.

Invest in your community

One of the biggest ways that you can make Big Picture impact is with your time. Time is money, right? And by sharing your story and leading by example - you’re helping lift the consciousness of your very own community.

Think about it: if you begin sharing your story and the conscious changes you make with friends and family, the ripple effect can be huge. As a small example, once I began using a reusable coffee cup I noticed that every time I brought it to a coffee shop - I received at least one comment on how useful and cool it was.

Don’t underestimate the power of making change by…being yourself. Your story has the power to create impact on a large and small scale.

Even if you’re able to shift one person’s perspective - you can bet that your story will be shared with their communities as well. And, there’s no price you can put on that.

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Katina Mountanos