Where inspiration comes from


A forewarning: This is a selfish post.

I am writing in an attempt to get my creativity back. To get my creative juices flowing. To be inspired.

Because, for the past few weeks, I’ve been stuck. I’ve been in an in-between world: wanting to write, but can’t. Wanting to act, but immobile.

So, right now I am not writing to Be Pretty. I am not writing for flowery prose on a page, or a heart-wrenching story or for Going Viral.

I am writing to Be Raw. To Be Real. To Be Honest.

To Be Present.

Because, for me, inspiration starts with Being Here. All Here. It happens when I am honest with myself. It begins when I open my eyes, and see Truth in the world.

Inspiration does not magically Show Up when I snap my fingers. It does not appear when I plop myself in front of a blank screen.

It sneaks up on me during my morning commute. Or when I see strangers giving out directions on a street corner. Or when I get frustrated with the lack of options for dinner in my kitchen cabinet.

Inspiration does not “strike.” It does not hit me like a bolt of lightening, or a shock in my sleep.

Inspiration is more of an ocean. One wave crashes, and then it recedes. It comes and goes in little spurts of action. Of excitement. Of thought.

And then, just like that — Poof. It’s gone. The self-doubt and self-apprehension and indecision become The Wave instead. These feelings wash over me and with it, comes the Eraser.

The backspaces.

The font changes.

The crumpled pieces paper.

For me, Inspiration is not a one and done. It is in constant flow. They say that surfers, the Artists of the sea, are always searching for that moment when they become One with the Wave. That moment when they are connected to the sound, the smell, the movement of the tides.

They are constantly searching for that one moment.

It does not happen with every ride. But, there is the chance that This Wave will be that one that makes you feel like you’re flying and grounded and calm and euphoric all at once.

We just have to Be Patient. And Open. And Honest.

And Present.

Because, Inspiration comes from inside of Us. It comes from butt in a chair and eyes on the screen and Being Here. It comes from moments of frustration and fire.

The Wave comes when you least expect it. When you’re about to give up.

So Don’t Give Up Yet.

soulKatina Mountanos