epsiode 17. ft Anna Lisa Graves

What if you only had 5 pieces of clothing in your closet?

Do you think you would survive?

Sustainability influencer and fashion blogger, Anna Lisa Graves does--and it’s her job to blog about clothing. On this podcast episode, Anna Lisa shares her journey from passionate writer to sought-after blogger--and her own reckoning with the fashion industry in between.

Because, Anna Lisa and her other half (and husband) Porter Graves of Recess City, realized early on in their blogging career that representing brands whose values didn’t align with their own wasn’t going to work. So, they made a commitment to only wear and partner with brands whose clothing passed an ethical and sustainability test.

Hear from Anna Lisa on how to revamp your closet with an eye towards minimalism, sustainability, and ethical fashion choices--and put the power in your hands to be conscious consumers.

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Resources: Check out Anna Lisa + Porter’s blog, Recess City here.

Documentary mentioned during the conversation: The True Cost

Minimalist media site mentioned during the conversation: The Good Trade

Katina Mountanos
episode 16. ft Jennifer Cookson

Have you ever thought that bacteria can be good for you?

During this podcast episode, we’ll head from Jennifer Cookson, a veteran in the green chemistry world and Head of Product at Mother Dirt. Jennifer is on a mission to help us redefine what we think of as “clean”--which is actually healthier for our bodies, and more sustainable for our world.

Jennifer and I chat about her journey to working on improving the world of personal care and cosmetics as a green chemist--from her budding interest in the environment as a teen to working at an innovative skincare company. She also provides a science lesson about the skin’s microbiome, and why certain bacterias are actually good for us.

Among many other things, you’ll walk away from this podcast episode with a renewed idea of how our skin thrives, and if society’s version of clean is really best for our overall health.


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Resources: Check out more information about Mother Dirt, here: https://motherdirt.com/

Katina Mountanos
episode 15. ft (the other) Katina Mountanos
Big Katina - cover photo.png

When you look back at your career, how would you connect the dots?

For (the other) Katina Mountanos, my cousin + entrepreneur extraordinaire, she is always keeping her eyes peeled for the next exciting challenge--and worries about connecting the dots later. Maybe that’s why she’s already sold a multi-million dollar business, had a string of impressive jobs, and is already onto her next project.

During this podcast episode, Katina tells us about her childhood growing up in a traditional Greek-American home, reminisces about the simplicity of the Mediterranean lifestyle she enjoyed each summer as a kid, and shares how she’s combining those values into her biggest challenge yet: Kosterina, an organic olive oil company that launched last year.

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Resources: To learn more about Kosterina, check out the website here. 

Katina Mountanos
episode 14. ft A special (secret) guest
Steve - cover photo.png

We have often been taught to see the world in black and white. We have been taught since we were young: Don’t do Drugs. Drugs are Bad.

But, what if I told you that “drugs” like Ecstacy, Mushrooms, and MDMA are actually proven to heal even those with the most severe mental illnesses?

On this podcast episode, we will hear from an expert on the potential to use sacred plants to heal our mind + soul. James (whose name is changed for legal purposes) will take us on his own journey to find spirituality - from spending his early 20s hitchhiking to Alaska, to switching careers, cities and life paths--many, many times.

So, tune in and buckle up for a deep, mind-expanding trip into the groovy world of sacred plants. Don’t try these at home kids!

For more info, visit: www.onadulting.com

To connect with Katina about questions, comments, speaker ideas, or sponsorship inquiries please e-mail katina@onadulting.com.

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Resources: If you’re interested in learning more about medicinal mushrooms and using sacred plants to heal, you may be interested in reading some of these resources:

  1. Trip Treatment by Michael Pollan, New Yorker
  2. Is Ecstasy the Key to Treating Women with PTSD?
  3. maps.org


Katina Mountanos
episode 13. ft Walela
Walela - Cover Photo.png

What would you do if you got diagnosed with cancer at the age of 22?

Would you crumble...or would you become a Warrior?

Well, we all hope our answer would be the latter. On this podcast episode we have the opportunity to hear from a real live Wellness Warrior who has fought (and survived) a fatal cancer diagnosis--all in the last year.

Walela takes us on her journey from diagnosis to now--sharing the lifestyle changes she has made since her diagnosis, like becoming vegan, and their effect on her life post-cancer. She gets real about what it’s like to be part of our medical system in the United States today, especially as a black woman with little financial means in the heart of L.A.

Walela also talks about her art and activism, and the importance of finding community no matter what stage you’re at in life. She opens up about getting in touch with her spirit during this fight for her life, and embracing--not fighting against--the gifts you’re born with.

So, get those tissues (and/or inspiration journal) ready, because Walela’s journey is one for the books.

Katina Mountanos
episode 12. ft Molly Goodson
Molly - FInal.png

Have you realized women’s clubs are making a comeback?

In San Francisco, there’s a brand new space for women to connect with each other, to celebrate both work + play, and to find comfort in a city that has been basically founded by dudes on computers. It’s called The Assembly - and we’re lucky enough to hear from it’s founder, Molly Goodson.

During today’s podcast episode, Molly shares her experiences before founding The Assembly, which opened this January (2018). She shares the importance of taking leaps of faith, and believing in yourself in the early stages of a project. Molly has always been on the forefront of something new - she started a blog back in the days when there were only about 5 sites on the Internet, and ran content at PopSUGAR soon after.

And now, she’s creating a space offline for women to connect.

So, cozy up and get ready to hear from one heck of a woman who is intent on building other women up--and trying to find the balance of life in all things. 

Resources: Check out more about The Assembly (and hear about when it’s coming to your city!), read more here: https://www.theassembly.com/

Katina Mountanos
episode 11. ft Ashley Spierer
Ashley DotL - Cover photo.png

It took the summertime heat in India and naturally frizzy hair for Ashley Spierer to get rid of her familiar supply of products, and experiment with coconut oil. Fast forward three years later, and she’s now the founder of a growing natural skincare line, Daughter of the Land.

Ashley became passionate about natural products, like coconut oil, after spending a year in India where she witnessed firsthand that good skincare did not have to be complicated. She realized that she herself had become accustomed to “specialized” products with a long list of ingredients. So, Daughter of the Land was born, defined by simplicity, authenticity, and purpose.

In this podcast episode, Ashley walks us through her life (and skincare journey--hello Aveda!) up until this point--including the highs, the lows and the messy middle. Ashley gets real about her experiences listening to her gut, from the confusing days in college to being a young woman entrepreneur that’s taking the wellness world by storm.

And, most importantly, she explains everything you need to know about natural skincare--from “jojoba” to why using skin oil actually decreases the oiliness of your skin. If you’re just dipping your toe into the world of natural skincare, or are even thinking about starting your own business--give it a listen.


*Daughter of the Land is also sold at Madewell, Anthropologie, and other stores.

Katina Mountanos
episode 10. ft Jay Decker
Avocado Green - Cover photo.png

What do petroleum-based polyurethane foam, flame retardants, dangerous pesticides, and volatile chemicals and gases have in common?

 These materials are found in our everyday mattresses and pillows--products we’ve been using for years, every single day, without question.

On this podcast episode, we hear from Jay Decker, one of the co-founders of Avocado Green. Avocado Green is a green and non-toxic mattress company that is questioning what it means to have access to an affordable, healthy night’s sleep.

Jay not only discusses the materials we should have in our mattresses, but also takes us on his own journey to create a business that impacts in the world. Jay has had his own fair share of entrepreneurial ventures, and walks us through his insights on everything from working with your significant others, to motivating a team--big or small.

And, most importantly--how to get a good night’s sleep.

Resources: Read more about Avocado Green Mattresses + other sleep products here.

Katina Mountanos
episode 09. ft Tess Bengsston
Tess - Cover Photo.png

Change. It’s something that we all experience at one time or another. And, every single time that we do--it’s just as difficult.

On this podcast, Tess Bengsston - a rebel in her own right, takes us on her journey of how she has embraced the changes in her life like a badass. Tess is on a mission to make our world a happier, more sustainable place--and it all comes down to her love for trees (yes, she literally hugs them).

As a former model turned model agency owner (all before the age of 26 might I add), Tess has created a formula to help all of us see the light at the end of any tunnel when life gets rocky.

Tune in for a woman-to-woman fireside chat with Tess Bengsston on embracing the things we can’t change, and fighting for the ones we can.

Resources: Check out Tess’ podcast, Hey Change!, and her modeling agency, Role Models.

Katina Mountanos
episode 08. ft Tanya Corona

Can crystals talk?

For Tanya Corona, a Reiki Master + Spiritual Healer who has been practicing for 20+ years, they can.

In our world today, we’ve been conditioned to believe that spirituality should be suppressed and healing can only take place in the physical. But, Tanya’s calming nature as an experienced healer shows us a different way of thinking.

During this podcast episode, Tanya takes us on her own spiritual journey, from the moment she realized crystals could actually talk. She also explains from the most basic level: What is Reiki? Where are our Chakras and what do they mean? How can you choose a crystal (and how to use them)? And, most importantly--how can we use energy to heal ourselves and others? 

As a special bonus treat, Tanya takes us through a 10-minute guided meditation that’s sure to balance out anything you need.

So, expand your mind a bit and dip your toe into the magical world of spirituality.

Resources: If you’re interested in learning more about Tanya, or working with her (in San Francisco or remotely), please check out her website, http://www.tanyacorona.com/tanya-corona.html

Katina Mountanos
episode 07. ft Teresa Orsolini

Did you ever think that with $50, you could invest your money, and make the world a little bit better?

In this podcast, we’ll be talking money. And, more importantly--money that can make a difference. Teresa Orolini, the Chief Marketing Officer of the impact investing platform Swell will take us through a personal finance lesson (i.e. how much should we be saving per month? What is a Roth IRA?). And, she’ll be breaking down myths about impact investing--something that’s typically only been available for the uber rich.

So, swap out that cup of coffee today for a $5 savings--and you’re on your way to using your money to influence huge companies for good...and make a buck or two along the way.

Resources: To learn more about Swell Investing, check out their website: https://www.swellinvesting.com

Katina Mountanos
episode 06. ft Sherene Schostak

Do you find yourself checking your horoscope monthly (daily? By the minute?) - intrigued at the potential of what information our stars can hold?

Have you always been interested in understanding why Mercury Retrograde might mess up our communication lines? Or what our dreams really mean?

On this podcast episode, Sherene Schostak, a world-renowned astrologist and Jungian Analyst (think: the woman behind Elle Magazine’s Horoscopes) provides us with a foundation of mysticism by explaining all of your questions about the sun, moon and stars. 

Sherene walks us through her own journey in figuring out what astrology is - from being a teenage goth to now leading mystical retreats in Morocco, among many of her projects (magical...I know). She *corrects* my (and yours!) understanding of Mercury Retrograde (not in retrograde), gives us some foresight into 2018 + beyond, and how we can channel some good vibes our way.

Resources: Check out Sherene’s website for more information on her retreats, personal sessions, and other events: http://sherenevismaya.com/

Katina Mountanos
episode 05. ft Leigh Winters

Did you know that you might have been breathing wrong for your entire life?

According to Leigh Winters, a clinical researcher and aromatherapist, this might be one of the simplest mindfulness techniques out there--and we have all the tools we’ll ever need.

On this podcast episode, Leigh walks us through the science behind the rituals of self-care (no tubs with rose petals here!). We often think of wellness as wonky and just doing what “feels good” but Leigh brings a research lense to a lot of our favorite self-care practices--in an easy way for us normal folks to understand.

A couple of the topics Leigh touches on are sharing a variety of mindfulness techniques, and how to find a meditative state--even if you swear you can’t sit still for 5 minutes. Leigh is also a clean beauty and essential oil expert, and shares the science of Flower Power.

If you’re craving a bit more “scientific oomph” behind the reasons why you might use an essential oil diffuser, meditate each morning--check it out here.

Resources: Check out Leigh’s blog, http://www.wiseandwell.co/  


Katina Mountanos
episode 04. ft Laura Ash

If you’ve been hearing the word “adaptogen” buzzing around your Instagram feed, and have no clue what it is--you’ve come to the right place.

And, even if you’ve been adding Ashwagandha to your tea for decades, don’t worry. Laura Ash, a strong advocate for radical self-care and a clinically-trained herbalist has your back.

Laura Ash, today’s podcast guest, is the owner of one of the oldest herbal apothecaries in San Francisco, and a force to be reckoned with in the wellness world.

She has traveled the world learning from the best healers--from western herbalism in Northern California, to Ayurvedic Medicine in New Mexico to Essential Oils in France. Laura is also deeply passionate about preserving traditional medicine in indigenous cultures, so she created a nonprofit to support it called The Herbal Anthropology Project.

On this podcast episode, Laura not only chats about her wealth of knowledge in the herbalism and traditional medicine space, but she also shares her own self-journey of discovering the Power of Flowers while curing her chronic bronchitis at the age of 18.

She also shares her perspective on the beauty of growing older, preparing our bodies for children (hint: it needs to start earlier than you think), and being a badass mom-of-two-and-entrepreneur. Tune in--you won’t want to miss this!

Resources: Check out Scarlet Sage, a San Francisco-based apothecary here: https://scarletsage.com/

  • The book Laura recommends during the podcast is, The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra
Katina Mountanos
episode 03. ft Jordana Kier

Did you ever think about what ingredients are in your tampons?

Me neither--well, not until I learned about LOLA. LOLA is an organic cotton tampon company that has only one ingredient...organic cotton. Current FDA regulations don’t require tampon companies to disclose their ingredients, but LOLA believes in transparency.

Now, before you get weird about periods, tune in to this podcast episode with LOLA’s co-founder, Jordana Kier. Jordana takes us on her own journey into Adulthood, and how sometimes, it’s okay to shift the course of your dreams based on the little experiences that you collect over time.

Jordana also gives us insight into her process of starting a company that is changing the way we talk about a controversial topic--periods. So, tune in and slow down. It’s time to start Challenging the Collective.

Resources: Check out more about LOLA here: https://www.mylola.com/

And read more on their blog, The Broadcast, here: https://www.mylola.com/blog/

Katina Mountanos
episode 02. ft Jessica Vitucci

Have you ever thought about treating your body like a science experiment?

Katina’s best friend and wellness guru, Jess Vitucci, believes that you should always trust your gut. During this BONUS podcast episode, Jess takes us through her own journey of self-discovery on her path of understanding what she puts into her body and how she cares for it.

 Among many things, Jess is a certified Ayurvedic Health Specialist, and will explain what the heck doshas are--and most importantly--how to eat in a way that will nourish our mind-body and soul. Jess also shares how she finds balance between pursuing her side hustles, her passions, and her work by living her values in every aspect of her life.

So, get ready to curl up with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) for a cozy girl-talk that will inspire us us to listen to our guts, and treat our bodies like our very own science experiment--testing and learning what works best for us personally each and every day.

Resources: If you’re interested in learning more about Jess and her work, check out her projects at https://www.thewellnessweaver.com/ or on Instagram @thewellnessweavers

Katina Mountanos
episode 01. ft Katina Mountanos

How are you Challenging the Collective in your everyday?

On this podcast episode, Katina will walk us through what inspired her to started Challenging the Collective, what topics the podcast will cover, and most importantly--what’s in it for you to join The Tribe.

Katina will also provide never-before-heard insights into genesis for her popular lifestyle & wellness blog, On Adulting, along with other experiences along her journey into Adulthood.

But, most importantly during this episode she forces you to ask yourself: How are You Challenging your version of the Collective right now?


Katina Mountanos