episode 16. ft Jennifer Cookson

Have you ever thought that bacteria can be good for you?

During this podcast episode, we’ll head from Jennifer Cookson, a veteran in the green chemistry world and Head of Product at Mother Dirt. Jennifer is on a mission to help us redefine what we think of as “clean”--which is actually healthier for our bodies, and more sustainable for our world.

Jennifer and I chat about her journey to working on improving the world of personal care and cosmetics as a green chemist--from her budding interest in the environment as a teen to working at an innovative skincare company. She also provides a science lesson about the skin’s microbiome, and why certain bacterias are actually good for us.

Among many other things, you’ll walk away from this podcast episode with a renewed idea of how our skin thrives, and if society’s version of clean is really best for our overall health.


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Katina Mountanos