episode 36. Indie Lee

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Do you ever feel like the Universe is giving you a major sign?

Indie Lee, the founder of the renowned clean beauty company, had an experience that shifted the course of her life. After spending much of her early career “following the rules” - working a corporate job, traveling the world, raising a family - she decided that she needed to get closer to her passions.

So, she built a greenhouse and started growing healing plants.

But that complete career shift wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until she found out that she had a life-threatening illness that she knew she had to align with her life’s purpose: help others heal.

She started Indie Lee, a clean beauty company, to educate others about the healing power of nature without sacrificing beauty, quality and clean products. Indie’s story will leave you feeling inspired, energized and empowered to make the change you wish to see in your life and find the strength you never knew you had.

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Read more about Indie Lee and her clean beauty products here: https://www.indielee.com/

Katina Mountanos