episode 29. Joie Meffert

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Did you know that you could use cannabis...on your skin? And, that it provides pain relief almost immediately?

Joie Meffert is one of the co-founders of Apothecanna, the first all-natural body care line supercharged by plants - such as cannabis compounds like CBD. In today’s podcast, we’ll be hearing from Joie about the importance of listening to your body...and how you can use the power of plants to heal it.

Joie has been body aware for nearly her whole life - growing up as a competitive dancer and then moving into the art world. She and her husband soon became interested in the power of plants, especially cannabis, for heaiing and jumped into the industry nearly 10 years ago (in the very early days!). After much experimenting, Apothecanna was born.

In this podcast episode, Joie takes us through the experience of starting a wellness company in a somewhat controversial space, and making that conversation available to everyone. She also walks us through the variety of ways we could leverage plant medicine to heal.

Tune in for a calming, soothing chat that may even heal you a little bit!

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