epsiode 17. ft Anna Lisa Graves

What if you only had 5 pieces of clothing in your closet?

Do you think you would survive?

Sustainability influencer and fashion blogger, Anna Lisa Graves does--and it’s her job to blog about clothing. On this podcast episode, Anna Lisa shares her journey from passionate writer to sought-after blogger--and her own reckoning with the fashion industry in between.

Because, Anna Lisa and her other half (and husband) Porter Graves of Recess City, realized early on in their blogging career that representing brands whose values didn’t align with their own wasn’t going to work. So, they made a commitment to only wear and partner with brands whose clothing passed an ethical and sustainability test.

Hear from Anna Lisa on how to revamp your closet with an eye towards minimalism, sustainability, and ethical fashion choices--and put the power in your hands to be conscious consumers.

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Documentary mentioned during the conversation: The True Cost

Minimalist media site mentioned during the conversation: The Good Trade

Katina Mountanos