episode 25. ft Polina Smith

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We all have different definitions of healing. For some of us, it looks like going for a walk in the park. For others, it’s adjusting our diets.

But, we all know deep down what it is - we just need to listen.

Polina Smith is a holistic healer and health coach who went through her own health issues in her early 20s, and after countless doctors told her different things (none of which solved the issue at hand) she took matters into her own hands.

After Polina healed herself from the inside out, she knew she needed to pass that knowledge and experience on to others. Polina is the founder and creator behind the Holistic Health Saloons, a staple in the Bay Area community that brings hundreds of healers together to share their wisdom with the general public. Because, we can’t stop when we’ve fixed ourselves.

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Katina Mountanos