episode 24. ft Erin Houston

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Are you confused about how you could make an impact in the world? Do you feel like you have to make a choice between working at a big bank or sacrifice everything to work at a nonprofit in Kenya?

Erin proves that you could fit somewhere in the middle.

Erin Houston is the founder of an innovative fashion company called WearWell, which enables consumers to purchase clothes that speak to both their styles and values. During our conversation, she reflects on how her unwavering passion to change the world (since middle school!) hasn’t stopped, but the methods in which she accomplished her goals has.

After working in the global development space for over 7 years, Erin decided to mold her own interest in sustainable fashion with her career - and thus, WearWell was born.

Tune in for an invigorating conversation not just about the ever-changing conscious fashion world, but about how we could continue to make the world a bit better overall.

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Resources: For more on wearwell, visit their website: https://www.shopwearwell.com/ . If you’re interested in learning more about the conscious fashion industry, check out the documentary, The True Cost.

Katina Mountanos