episode 22. ft Amanda Gibby Peters

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Have you ever noticed that things weren’t going right in your life - and your space (whether it’s your home or your desk) is mirroring it back to you?

In this episode of Challenging the Collective, we dive deep into the ancient practice of Feng Shui, and how by making small changes in your space - your life could change drastically.

Amanda Gibby Peters is Feng Shui expert, and has built the latter half of her career around this ancient practice - though it wasn’t always that way. As a researcher by trade, Amanda came into the world of Feng Shui with a healthy dose of skepticism. But, after implementing small changes in her own life, the effects were drastic - and she knew she had to share it with others.

Tune in for an episode about a form of healing we don’t often talk about - the remaking of the spaces that we inhabit daily. It got me so interested, I went into a hole of research on the topic after our conversation!

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Katina Mountanos