episode 18. ft Michaela Haas

89% of us will go through a trauma at some point in our lives.

That’s trauma with a Big T or a little one. It’s surviving a car crash or a ending a toxic relationship. It’s losing a loved one or a limb. It’s getting sick or getting laid off.

It’s something that happens to nearly all of us.

This podcast episode will feature researcher, author, and 20-year student of Buddhism, Michaela Haas, and will focus on the art and science of resiliency in times of trauma. Michaela’s most recent book. Bouncing Forward: Transforming Bad Breaks into Break Throughs, features over 60 science-backed strategies to channel resiliency after a life-changing event--and on this podcast she will share a few of them with us.

So, even if you haven’t (yet) experienced a traumatic life event--being an Adult counts. Tune in for Michaela’s refreshing view on how we can all take charge of our lives, even when we don’t believe it’s possible.

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Katina Mountanos