episode 15. ft (the other) Katina Mountanos

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When you look back at your career, how would you connect the dots?

For (the other) Katina Mountanos, my cousin + entrepreneur extraordinaire, she is always keeping her eyes peeled for the next exciting challenge--and worries about connecting the dots later. Maybe that’s why she’s already sold a multi-million dollar business, had a string of impressive jobs, and is already onto her next project.

During this podcast episode, Katina tells us about her childhood growing up in a traditional Greek-American home, reminisces about the simplicity of the Mediterranean lifestyle she enjoyed each summer as a kid, and shares how she’s combining those values into her biggest challenge yet: Kosterina, an organic olive oil company that launched last year.

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Resources: To learn more about Kosterina, check out the website here. 

Katina Mountanos