episode 09. ft Tess Bengsston

Tess - Cover Photo.png

Change. It’s something that we all experience at one time or another. And, every single time that we do--it’s just as difficult.

On this podcast, Tess Bengsston - a rebel in her own right, takes us on her journey of how she has embraced the changes in her life like a badass. Tess is on a mission to make our world a happier, more sustainable place--and it all comes down to her love for trees (yes, she literally hugs them).

As a former model turned model agency owner (all before the age of 26 might I add), Tess has created a formula to help all of us see the light at the end of any tunnel when life gets rocky.

Tune in for a woman-to-woman fireside chat with Tess Bengsston on embracing the things we can’t change, and fighting for the ones we can.

Resources: Check out Tess’ podcast, Hey Change!, and her modeling agency, Role Models.

Katina Mountanos