episode 08. ft Tanya Corona

Can crystals talk?

For Tanya Corona, a Reiki Master + Spiritual Healer who has been practicing for 20+ years, they can.

In our world today, we’ve been conditioned to believe that spirituality should be suppressed and healing can only take place in the physical. But, Tanya’s calming nature as an experienced healer shows us a different way of thinking.

During this podcast episode, Tanya takes us on her own spiritual journey, from the moment she realized crystals could actually talk. She also explains from the most basic level: What is Reiki? Where are our Chakras and what do they mean? How can you choose a crystal (and how to use them)? And, most importantly--how can we use energy to heal ourselves and others? 

As a special bonus treat, Tanya takes us through a 10-minute guided meditation that’s sure to balance out anything you need.

So, expand your mind a bit and dip your toe into the magical world of spirituality.

Resources: If you’re interested in learning more about Tanya, or working with her (in San Francisco or remotely), please check out her website, http://www.tanyacorona.com/tanya-corona.html

Katina Mountanos