episode 06. ft Sherene Schostak

Do you find yourself checking your horoscope monthly (daily? By the minute?) - intrigued at the potential of what information our stars can hold?

Have you always been interested in understanding why Mercury Retrograde might mess up our communication lines? Or what our dreams really mean?

On this podcast episode, Sherene Schostak, a world-renowned astrologist and Jungian Analyst (think: the woman behind Elle Magazine’s Horoscopes) provides us with a foundation of mysticism by explaining all of your questions about the sun, moon and stars. 

Sherene walks us through her own journey in figuring out what astrology is - from being a teenage goth to now leading mystical retreats in Morocco, among many of her projects (magical...I know). She *corrects* my (and yours!) understanding of Mercury Retrograde (not in retrograde), gives us some foresight into 2018 + beyond, and how we can channel some good vibes our way.

Resources: Check out Sherene’s website for more information on her retreats, personal sessions, and other events: http://sherenevismaya.com/

Katina Mountanos