episode 05. ft Leigh Winters


Did you know that you might have been breathing wrong for your entire life?

According to Leigh Winters, a clinical researcher and aromatherapist, this might be one of the simplest mindfulness techniques out there--and we have all the tools we’ll ever need.

On this podcast episode, Leigh walks us through the science behind the rituals of self-care (no tubs with rose petals here!). We often think of wellness as wonky and just doing what “feels good” but Leigh brings a research lense to a lot of our favorite self-care practices--in an easy way for us normal folks to understand.

A couple of the topics Leigh touches on are sharing a variety of mindfulness techniques, and how to find a meditative state--even if you swear you can’t sit still for 5 minutes. Leigh is also a clean beauty and essential oil expert, and shares the science of Flower Power.

If you’re craving a bit more “scientific oomph” behind the reasons why you might use an essential oil diffuser, meditate each morning--check it out here.

Resources: Check out Leigh’s blog, http://www.wiseandwell.co/  


Katina Mountanos