episode 04. ft Laura Ash


If you’ve been hearing the word “adaptogen” buzzing around your Instagram feed, and have no clue what it is--you’ve come to the right place.

And, even if you’ve been adding Ashwagandha to your tea for decades, don’t worry. Laura Ash, a strong advocate for radical self-care and a clinically-trained herbalist has your back.

Laura Ash, today’s podcast guest, is the owner of one of the oldest herbal apothecaries in San Francisco, and a force to be reckoned with in the wellness world.

She has traveled the world learning from the best healers--from western herbalism in Northern California, to Ayurvedic Medicine in New Mexico to Essential Oils in France. Laura is also deeply passionate about preserving traditional medicine in indigenous cultures, so she created a nonprofit to support it called The Herbal Anthropology Project.

On this podcast episode, Laura not only chats about her wealth of knowledge in the herbalism and traditional medicine space, but she also shares her own self-journey of discovering the Power of Flowers while curing her chronic bronchitis at the age of 18.

She also shares her perspective on the beauty of growing older, preparing our bodies for children (hint: it needs to start earlier than you think), and being a badass mom-of-two-and-entrepreneur. Tune in--you won’t want to miss this!

Resources: Check out Scarlet Sage, a San Francisco-based apothecary here: https://scarletsage.com/

  • The book Laura recommends during the podcast is, The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra
Katina Mountanos