episode 03. ft Jordana Kier


Did you ever think about what ingredients are in your tampons?

Me neither--well, not until I learned about LOLA. LOLA is an organic cotton tampon company that has only one ingredient...organic cotton. Current FDA regulations don’t require tampon companies to disclose their ingredients, but LOLA believes in transparency.

Now, before you get weird about periods, tune in to this podcast episode with LOLA’s co-founder, Jordana Kier. Jordana takes us on her own journey into Adulthood, and how sometimes, it’s okay to shift the course of your dreams based on the little experiences that you collect over time.

Jordana also gives us insight into her process of starting a company that is changing the way we talk about a controversial topic--periods. So, tune in and slow down. It’s time to start Challenging the Collective.

Resources: Check out more about LOLA here: https://www.mylola.com/

And read more on their blog, The Broadcast, here: https://www.mylola.com/blog/

Katina Mountanos