episode 13. ft Walela

Walela - Cover Photo.png

What would you do if you got diagnosed with cancer at the age of 22?

Would you crumble...or would you become a Warrior?

Well, we all hope our answer would be the latter. On this podcast episode we have the opportunity to hear from a real live Wellness Warrior who has fought (and survived) a fatal cancer diagnosis--all in the last year.

Walela takes us on her journey from diagnosis to now--sharing the lifestyle changes she has made since her diagnosis, like becoming vegan, and their effect on her life post-cancer. She gets real about what it’s like to be part of our medical system in the United States today, especially as a black woman with little financial means in the heart of L.A.

Walela also talks about her art and activism, and the importance of finding community no matter what stage you’re at in life. She opens up about getting in touch with her spirit during this fight for her life, and embracing--not fighting against--the gifts you’re born with.

So, get those tissues (and/or inspiration journal) ready, because Walela’s journey is one for the books.

Katina Mountanos