episode 12. ft Molly Goodson

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Have you realized women’s clubs are making a comeback?

In San Francisco, there’s a brand new space for women to connect with each other, to celebrate both work + play, and to find comfort in a city that has been basically founded by dudes on computers. It’s called The Assembly - and we’re lucky enough to hear from it’s founder, Molly Goodson.

During today’s podcast episode, Molly shares her experiences before founding The Assembly, which opened this January (2018). She shares the importance of taking leaps of faith, and believing in yourself in the early stages of a project. Molly has always been on the forefront of something new - she started a blog back in the days when there were only about 5 sites on the Internet, and ran content at PopSUGAR soon after.

And now, she’s creating a space offline for women to connect.

So, cozy up and get ready to hear from one heck of a woman who is intent on building other women up--and trying to find the balance of life in all things. 

Resources: Check out more about The Assembly (and hear about when it’s coming to your city!), read more here: https://www.theassembly.com/

Katina Mountanos