want to join the o.a. crew?

we’re happy to have you sister! at on adulting, we’re all about community - and inviting every human to the table. whether it’s irl meet ups at random coffee shops around the world, or sharing our secrets online in the space - you’re welcome here.

tell a friend and come on over!


On Adulting: the space is a group of badass women who are figuring "it" out. We are entrepreneurs +/or creatives, just starting our careers +/or a decade in. We our own Humans who are passionate about making the world - and ourselves - a little bit better. 

This space is for all of us. It's support for the largest and smallest decisions we make in life so that we don't need to figure it out alone. 


the o.a. book club is a space where we can have deep, intelligent conversations about life. whether you're traveling in bali or working a late night in ny - you can join our monthly sessions from anywhere (with a glass of wine of course) and dive into our juicy conversation about growth + personal development.

our monthly book clubs sessions happen the same day, the same time: the third thursday of the month at 9pm est. i can’t wait to connect with you!




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