The story

It all started with a job. 

when I first entered the working world, I didn't understand why everyone around me was settling for "good enough."

I promised myself right then and there that I never would--and more importantly, I wouldn't let those around me settle either.

On Adulting was born in 2016 when I started writing about my own journey navigating adulthood in a mindful and happy way. i didn't realize how many others would join me. 

today, on adulting is more than just a blog--it's a space for millennial women to thrive. it houses written stories and spoken ones. it connects powerful ladies In real life and online. it allows us to ask for help and give it. 

it's a space for all of us to figure out how to be our best selves...together.



Katina is a writer, creator, speaker, certified health coach, 200-hr yoga teacher...and lover of plants. she been featured in outlets such as Teen vogue, mindbodygreen, huffpo, elite daily + others. katina has been helping women thrive since she was a little girl herself (girl scout for life!) - and is committed to enabling others to be their best selves. she started her career as a data analyst at goldman sachs, and since then has worked with dozens of organizations in the philanthropy, social impact, branding, communications and organizational strategy spaces. katina always makes time to sweat at least once per day...and have a piece of chocolate. 

cause it's all about balance.



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