Life as a 20-something: “Constantly check-in with yourself. Because, Change is our only constant. ”

Life as a 20-something: “Constantly check-in with yourself. Because, Change is our only constant. ”

Morgan’s Daily Rituals: (1) Thoughts of Gratitude, (2) Making dinner, & (3) A long, hot shower

Morgan Feist has always been a Rule Breaker — but, not in the manner that you would expect.

Most of the time when we think of Rule Breakers, we have this image of a badass-leather-jacket-wearing-Richard-Branson Crazy Person. Mmm…No? Or how about the Silicon-Valley-sweatshirt-and-shower-protesting-I-quit-college Type?

Well, Morgan is neither of those.

She is an under-the-radar Rule Breaker. A dinner-party-hosting-damn-smart-but-thoughtful Rule Breaker. She shy’s away from Convention, but just enough so that she still understands why it exists.

And, although Morgan is not yet 24, her own way of Rule Breaking has defined her life so far. Like, going rogue on Ina Garten’s mac & cheese recipe.

In the most Unconventional way, Morgan figured out how to mesh her three Passions. She knew that she was excited by both the art of Cooking and Managing others. And, she (almost) always knew she wanted to be an Entrepreneur.

So, last year Morgan decided to leave the Big Apple for the (greener?) pastures of the Midwest. She is currently Home Sweet Home in Kansas, and building the business of her dreams. Gratitude Coffee: A Midwestern-based coffee chain that helps others start each morning with gratitude.

Of course, We must ask — How do you do what excites you, even when it’s against the Norm?

“You are always evolving more than you think. To be who you are through those changes is a choice. And, once you give up on that choice, once you let it go, you lose your ability to shape your character.”


Don’t worry about Milestones

Morgan is a Planner.

She loves lists: for everything from her weekly dinner recipes, to where she wants to be in five years.

“But,” she says, “even though making lists and thinking ahead is proven to increase your productivity— you have to be aware that those plans will always change.”

You have to learn to be Resilient.

Because, so often in our world today, we believe that by age 20, we have to be the Co-Founder of a Really Successful Startup and quit college and own an apartment in NYC — oh, and did I mention? Be in this really awesome relationship but also drink our friends under the table at brunch.

Yeah. Milestones (…We know it’s more like #Adulting).

It’s easy to forget that Plans Change. Priorities Change. Even, We Change.

And in order to find success during those changes, we can’t rely on hitting those Milestones. So, whenever Morgan gets overwhelmed — “I could be doing more; I can’t do this anymore; I’m taking on something too big” — she takes a step back.

She remembers why she chose to go into hospitality, and become an entrepreneur: “It’s bigger than just Me.”

And when you remember that Purpose, being focused on only hitting Milestones somewhat melts away.

Find your Excitement

I asked Morgan how she copes with the struggles of an ambitious 20-something: Never Being Satisfied. Her response was so refreshing, I even had to take a step back.

“Yeah, well you’re right, I’m never satisfied. But, I think it’s more than that. It’s about being excited about many different projects. It’s getting excited that what I’m choosing to do will inevitably effect others.”

So, y’all: Get Excited.

What makes you feel that pulsating electricity run through your body?

Are you hyped when you get to just think all day? Do you get buzzed when you finally get some fresh air? Do you love standing up all day, or sitting at your desk?

What excites you? 

But, a word of caution — when you think you know what gets your heart pumping, remember that moving from Dreams to Reality is often shocking.

“When you’re younger, you often just think of the highlights in your Dreams, the good stuff. You really underestimate all the shit you’ll have to do. A lot of people go to culinary school thinking it will be a Food Network hit right off the bat. That’s not reality.”

Of course, that’s with anything. There’s going to be some shitty parts, and some amazing parts. You just have to make sure that the good outweighs the bad.

It’s all about your perspective.

Spend time on You

In order to find out What Excites You, and Be Resilient through life’s changes, you need to first spend time understanding You.

“I wish I had spent less time in college worrying about my grades and resume, and really just working on Me.”

Finding some time for that self-development.

Because, while Cooking in her own kitchen is how Morgan spends time re-charging, the hospitality industry couldn’t be more opposite.

“[Working] in a restaurant, it’s literally so stressful — you have no room, you’re doing the same thing over and over, your creativity is very limited. I realized working in my kitchen is much different, but seeing people make those connections at the dinner table makes it worth it.”

Morgan always returns to her Purpose: Connecting others, and making their day a teeny bit better — with food.

Once you have figured out that foundation, you can take whatever life throws at you, and navigate towards what excites you. But, how do you get there?

“Constantly check in with yourself. Make sure decisions and behavior are aligned with who you want to be. You are not fixed — you’re evolving more than you think.”

Like cooking, this journey takes time.

But remember — you can always choose what type of Rule-Breaker you want to be.

Thanks, Morgan.

If you enjoyed this — check out my blog, On Adulting, for more observations about this weird time as a 20-something. And feel free to make the little heart green 🙂

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