O.A. Insights: How to get rid of those damn bags under my eyes!

I recently got asked the question: How do I get rid of the bags under my eyes? 

Sometimes O.A. Insights are going to be deep, and sometimes they'll be quick + easy answers. It all depends on what you're interested in!

On this topic, I totally feel the pain. As someone with naturally dark circles under my eyes - I started using eye cream at the age of 23. But, dark circles is usually an underlying cause of other issues.

Dark circles happen because of two different reasons: (1) Genetics (thanks, Dad) and (2) Lifestyle. They often signal stress, tiredness, or loads of sun exposure.

But, there's hope! I've noticed such a difference in my skin once I started taking preventative measures across the board. 

Here are some of the ways that I try keep my skin (especially those dang eye circles) lookin' healthy:

  • Enough sleep: Yes, of course you guessed it. We can't avoid the real, underlying causes of our issues. And sleep - or lack thereof - is a major reason why our skin looks dull or dark. Figure out the best system for you and listen to your body. I know that I need 8 hours of sleep to be my best self; no more, no less.  Oh - and get off that phone (blue light is a major no no).


  • Healthy diet: We all know that skin is directly influenced by the food we eat, right? Well, if you're looking for lighter, brighter skin - incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. These include dark leafy greens, berries, EVOO, green tea. And, nix that second cup of coffee.


  • Dose up on Collagen + Vitamin C: These two supplements are amazing for glowing skin. I add Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to my morning coffee and smoothies. I also look for skincare creams that have Vitamin C added in - this helps to brighten your skin. 


  • Start using Eye Cream as early as possible: As I said, I started using under eye cream in the morning and evening at the age of 23. I noticed major bags and dark circles under my eyes from constant work-related stress and knew I had to do something about it. I swear by Aveda's Botanical Kinetic Energizing Eye Cream. You just need a tiny drop under each eye each day - it can last for up to 6 months if you use it sparingly. Totally worth it! 

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Katina Mountanos