O.A. Insights: How to balance being social + being healthy


I recently got asked a great question from one of you: how can I live my life to the fullest in a city where every social activity revolves around drinking?

I totally feel that - living in New York for 7 years was a constant dance between being social and having "fun" while trying to be healthy and live my best life. 

Having moved to San Francisco (where there is way, way less partying/drinking in general) - I'm able to reflect on my time in New York with fresh eyes. And, I think that once I got clear on what made me happy - not everyone else around me - I was able to find that balance much easier. 

Here are some of the ways that I got clear on what my version of "living" to the fullest is - and how that could fit into my lifestyle:

  • figure out what activities actually bring you JOY: do you enjoy having a drink with friends every so often? do you like working out? going on walks? being alone even? get clear on what brings you joy. it helps to make note of it over a period of time so you can see trends and how certain activities/people make you feel.


  • be honest with yourself...and others: practice speaking your truth - to yourself - and then others you care about. would you rather go to a workout class in the morning instead of brunch? Say so! Would you rather skip the gym all together and explore a museum? Do it! This was a huge win for me; as a self-declared people pleaser I had to take baby steps to actually recognize this...and then say it out loud


  • suggest the activities you care about: be proactive in your approach. if your friends suggest catching up over wine and you'd rather not drink - think of another way to connect. maybe you go for a walk or explore a museum. most humans are looking for connection - if you take the first step in suggesting the activities you want to try, most will agree! 


  • find a community that supports your habits: most of us are lucky enough to live around others who share similar habits that bring us joy - find them! Even if they're not in your social circle right now - seek out others who will support you in this journey to finding healthy and happy habits. and hey - maybe you could be an inspiration for your current social circle to shift their interests! 

finding this balance is difficult - and something i don't think many of us have nailed down completely. so, it's okay to experiment, try out new ideas and most importantly - do what makes YOU feel best. 

o.a. insights is a new, short-form weekly blog series from on adulting that covers anything and everything in my life - from what i do each day to the products in my wardrobe. look out for more each friday! 

Katina Mountanos