O.A. Insights: How To Deal With "Up-Leveling"


Have you ever heard of the idea: “up-leveling”?

Me neither until recently - and I’m fascinated by it. Essentially, it’s when everything in your life is going really freakin’ well (think: new job, apartment, more $$) but then out of no where you’re hit with sadness. Confusion. Weird shit that ruins your flow.

Any time we make MAJOR change in our life, often for the better, our Baby Brains (the part of our minds that helps us *survive*) freak out. They can’t handle tons of growth because it’s different than what we’re used to and it doesn’t feel safe. We’re literally hardwired as humans to continue searching for the familiar. 

So, when the different (aka GOOD) takes over, we freak.

I recently went through this phase myself and have a couple of tips:



  • surround yourself with people + things that life you up. This one is important. your environment really matters - if you're surrounded by people and places that constantly remind you of how difficult and confusing life is, your mind will stay in that spot. surround yourself with uplifters not the status quo.


  • pause. breathe. know this is normal. this is so normal!! know that you're not alone in feeling this way - it's actually a scientifically proven aspect of human development. if you know that this is a phase and it too shall pass (seriously) then it's much easier to power through.


  • remember why you started in the first place. when times get rough, bring yourself back to the beginning. why did you make this change? why did you start anyway? journal and channel that child-like sense of wonder - it helps to take the pressure off and jump-start the inspiration.


  • focus on the creation, not the path. paths are windy and weird and confusing. continue to get into the flow, into your creation mode. know that sometimes we take two steps back to move forward; but if we focus on creating something really freakin' good, it doesn't matter how windy the road becomes. 


  • care. appreciate all the feels. love. appreciate yourself. love yourself. continue to remind yourself in big ways and small that you are important, you are loved and you are going to get through this little bump in the road.

Just remember, if you ever want to talk - I’m here for you. Life is a wild freakin’ ride, and we’re all in it together 💗

o.a. insights is a new, short-form weekly blog series from on adulting that covers anything and everything in my life - from what i do each day to the products in my wardrobe. look out for more each friday! 

Katina Mountanos