Why Your Person Will Never Be Perfect - And Why That's Okay


this blog post is part of a series, #oneblogpostaday.

the first part of this series is focused on relationships + love.

We often think that we can set a criteria for our partner and they will come.

That we can write out a list of all their qualities and we’ll find them.

That we can manifest our perfect human and they’ll appear out of thin air.

Cause, we’ve heard all the stories right? We know people have done this before. We have all the apps and the manifestation journals and have been concentrating really hard. We know what to look for at the bar or the coffee shop.

We know who we want them to be.

This here is just a little reminder that sometimes your person is quite the opposite of what you would imagine. They are not your “type.” They aren’t your perfect height or they don’t have the perfect job. They don’t live in the same city as you or practice the same religion.

There are so many things your person can not be. But, how about looking at what they are?

When Dupi and I met, we didn’t think we were perfect for each other.

Actually, that was far from it.

He was all the wrong things. I typically went for tall, white guys with blonde hair and blue eyes. Hm - he was different. I typically went for really nice, shy dudes who needed a lot of cajooling. Nope, quite the opposite. I usually dated guys who didn’t care about religion or culture because my family’s was so strong. Nope, wrong again.

But, he had something. He was sweet and kind and smart and funny and all the other things.

So, I let myself be open to it. I wasn’t tied to an outcome one way or another. But, I couldn’t deny how I felt: really, really freakin’ good.

I think that oftentimes when we’re looking for a partner, we close ourselves off before it even begins. We’re looking for the end goal in the first five seconds. I know, because I was guilty of it, too.

But, for some reason when Dupi and I started dating I shrugged my shoulders and thought - well if anything, this will be fun.

That open, clear mindset was the perfect breeding ground for…actual fun. And openness. And kindness.

And possibilities about the future.

So, keep this idea in mind when you’re scrolling through photos of potential partners. Remember this when a person approaches you who doesn’t fit your criteria.

And, don’t forget to look for what could be - not just what’s not.

Katina Mountanos