let’s take your career to the next level.


one-on-one private mentorship

each quarter, katina takes on a small group of one-on-one mentees over a period of three months to help them step into their power + share their passion with the world. she has already helped dozens of humans make conscious life choices + increase their confidence - from badass founders in silicon valley to confused 20-somethings.


who you are

a passionate human who is at a transition point: ready to uplevel your life, career or relationships but confused about how to get there.


who you want to be

you know her - she’s that person. the one who you notice immediately upon entering a room because her human-ness is glowing. she is radiating from deep inside + her passion for life is contagious.

basically, she’s magic. and she knows it.


trust me: a few years ago, i was you.

after many sleepless nights, deep-hole internet searches + crying-in-the-shower moments i figured out the tools i needed to step into my purpose + live a pretty freakin’ awesome life.

and, now i’m making that soul-alignment process way easier.

my superpowers are simple: i’m a process-oriented, mindful nerd.

i love taking all of your random experiences + making connections for you.

i get excited over calendars, organization + spreadsheets.

i’m your biggest cheerleader + most reliable partner.

so, whether you already know your purpose + just need to act on it or are starting from scratch; whether you need to figure out a mindful morning routine or a completely new job - we’ll work together to determine what makes you feel most alive + how you can share that passion with the world.


When I was going through a time of intense personal and professional transition, Katina was such a valued source of wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement. She helped me get clear on the “non-negotiables” for leading a balanced and healthy life, and she gave me practical tools for incorporating new practices into my daily life. While I’m really excited that her coaching helped lead me to my next professional opportunity, I’m most excited to continue the deeper personal work we started together.
— Ashley, Chief of Strategy + Programs

here’s everything you’ll get:

  • An in-depth (2-hour) intensive introductory session where we dive into your mindset, your background + your goals to start our journey together.

  • eight (8) one-hour sessions over the course of three-months where we’ll follow a plan-for-success and work through your goals.

  • email access with a 24-hour response time.

  • special access to workshops, events, content + other support for a lifetime.


here’s what our time together looks like:


during the one-on-one mentorship program, I am completely invested in your success - whatever that might look like.

together, we’ll start by spending two hours diving deep into your past experiences, current mindset, nagging roadblocks + future goals. there’s no rock that we won’t uncover - whether it’s your money mindset, how you spend your time right now (#netflixandchill on the couch moments included) or your dream career…that doesn’t exist yet.

over our time working together, we’ll craft a plan specifically tailored to your needs. some of the areas we might cover together are:

  • uncovering your personal mission statement + creating your north star, the guiding light that you’ll continue working towards no matter what.

  • getting you out of your comfort zone + massively upleveling the heck out of your life (relationships, career, finances, the whole shabang!)

  • understanding where you’re currently wasting your time - and creating a plan to shift your focus in order to be the productive, efficient + aligned badass that you are.

  • becoming crystal clear on your value, what you’re offering to the world + then supporting you in taking the steps to get there.

  • helping you align with your soul so you can start attracting (without all that undue effort) everything you could imagine - your dream life.