well, I’m here to help.


one-on-one coaching

each quarter, katina takes on a small group of one-on-one mentees to help them step into their power + share their passion with the world. she has already helped dozens of humans - from badass founders to confused 20-somethings - dig deep + do the damn thing.


who you are

a passionate human who is at a transition point: ready to uplevel your life, business or career but confused about how to get there.


who you want to be

you know her - she’s that person. the one who you notice immediately upon entering a room because her human-ness is glowing. she is radiating from deep inside + her passion for life is contagious.

basically, she’s magic. and she knows it.


trust me: a few years ago, i was you.

after many sleepless nights, deep-hole internet searches + crying-in-the-shower moments i figured out the tools i needed to step into my purpose + live a pretty freakin’ awesome life.

and, now i’m making that soul-alignment process way easier.

my superpowers are simple: i’m a process-oriented, mindful geek. i love taking all of your random experiences + making connections for you. i get excited over calendars, organization + spreadsheets. i’m your biggest cheerleader + most reliable partner.

so, whether you already know your purpose + just need to act on it or are starting from scratch; whether you need to figure out a mindful morning routine or a social media calendar - we’ll work together to determine what makes you feel most alive + how you can share that passion with the world.



need help for your business instead?

check out on adulting’s sister company, by humans - a brand + storytelling agency for and by real humans. by humans helps female-founded companies develop their voice, find their tribe + engage with their community.




how does the coaching program work?

coaching is completely unique and depends on your personal situation and needs. every human is different.

though, there are some similarities no matter what: you will receive three (3) hour-long sessions per month where we dive in to your intentions, timeline + ultimate outcomes. after each session you will receive detailed notes, “homework” + timely feedback.

how much does it cost?

one-on-one coaching is an investment in yourself + your potential.

the three month program is $449/month with a minimum 3-month commitment. pricing may range depending on specific needs.


how long does the coaching program last?

one-on-one coaching with katina has a three-month minimum commitment (one quarter).

depending on individual needs, one may be able to extend their program past the three-month mark.

what if one-on-one coaching isn’t for me?

one-on-one coaching isn’t for everyone - trust me.

starting in spring 2019 keep an eye out for group programming + courses!