together, we’ll take your business to the next level.


brand + business coaching

katina is a wellness entrepreneur, startup advisor + branding expert. she has worked with dozens of companies, ceos + leaders to uplevel their brands + businesses. and she wants to help you tell your story from the heart + run your business mindfully.


who you are

a founder or solo-preneur who knows what they want to put out into the world…but doesn’t know how. you don’t have any experience honing your story, creating a digital brand or developing a strategy - and are frankly scared to do so.


who you want to be

a clear-minded, balanced, and authentic entrepreneur who continues to attract an audience that is completely aligned with your purpose. you feel powerful + passionate - with a clear strategy on how to get there.

you’re a boss. and you know it.

It’s been great working with katina. she has been able to combine strategic, analytical thinking with creative brainstorming - flawlessly. she has also held me accountable like none other. i’ve never seen anything like it - would highly recommend working with her if you have the chance!
— Michelle, sustanable fashion entrepreneur
Katina’s services are a great investment. She’s an incredible sounding board to clarify and distill your thinking. My experience with her was a real pleasure because coaching is clearly her calling.
— Michael, former-financial-analyst-turned-podcaster

here’s everything you’ll get:

  • an in-depth (2-hour) intensive introductory session where we dive into your business, your background + your goals to start our journey together.

  • three (3), nine (9) or eighteen (18) follow up one-hour sessions with me to dive deep into your business needs.

  • email access with a 24-hour response time.

  • direct access to my network, my referrals and my systems in the business and blogging world.

  • exclusive opportunities, resources, content + workshops for a lifetime!


here’s what our time together looks like:


as we work together to build your brand + business, i am completely invested in your success - whatever that might look like.

together, we’ll start by spending two hours diving deep into your personal mission statement, current business logistics (if any), nagging roadblocks + future goals. there’s no rock that we won’t uncover - whether it’s your personal value, how you spend your time right now (i know, responding to 10,000 emails per hour) or what your dream clients look like.

over our time working together, we’ll craft a plan specifically tailored to your needs. some of the areas we will likely cover together are:

  • getting clear on your north star - who you’re serving, why you’re doing it + what inspired you to get started.

  • understanding where you’re currently wasting your time - and create the systems you need to shift your focus into being productive, efficient + aligned badass that you are.

  • becoming crystal clear on your offering - what you’re putting out into the world so you can communicate your niche + value.

  • determining your monetization strategy + the steps you need to make it a reality.

  • creating an integrated marketing + pr plan so that you can get out of your head + start attracting the tribe you’re ready for.

  • pushing you out of your comfort zone + massively upleveling the heck out of your business (I’m talking dream clients, doubling your income, the whole shabang).

  • helping you align with your soul so you can start attracting (without all that undue effort) everything you could imagine - your dream business.


invest in your power