U.S. Southwest Roadtrip


Looking for some tips + tricks for your next adventure that don't break the bank (or your finally-developed self-care habits)?! I've compiled everything I found during my favorite trips around the globe so you don't have to! 

The American Southwest is a magical place. It actually might be one of my favorites in the world. It's amazing red-green scenery, connection to our Earth, and respect for human nature gives off some of the most rejuvenating vibes I've found. It's especially necessary when you need a good break from the Big City. 

I spent a week in June traveling across Nevada, Utah, and Arizona by car. It not only helped me remember what was important to me, but also at a time when my faith in my country was quite low--it helped me remember how beautiful this place truly is. 

So, next time you need an inexpensive reminder of our world's magic and some time in the fresh outdoors, check out the American Southwest. Here are some of my favorite spots!


we flew in to las vegas and out of phoenix, so there were a lot of spots along the way. you could add or subtract from these, but this mix didn't feel too ambitious or like we missed out on anything.

  • zion national park (1 night): this place feels like you're going back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth (seriously). spend as much time as you can here - there was so much to do, and we didn't get to see it all. we stayed at zion ponderosa ranch - it was awesome. it is on the other side of the park though, so know you'll have to drive through it a couple of times to get to the entrance.
  • bryce canyon national park (2 nights): bryce is a weirdly beautiful, insane place. it's known for the hoodoos (little canyons) and every hike is breathtaking. i think you only need about 1 day here. we stayed in the bryce canyon log cabins which were perfectly situated in "town" - and really spacious. loved them! 
  • page, arizona (1 night): this is where the antelope canyon and horseshoe bend are located; two beautiful, natural sights. we stayed on this amazing navajo reservation in a teepee - super cool and would definitely recommend.
  • grand canyon (1 night): we ended up staying over at the grand canyon and leaving super early to drive to phoenix for our flight, so we didn't get to explore that much. i would stay over one more night so you could do hikes rather than just walk around. lodging there isn't great - we stayed at the grand canyon plaza hotel. it was good enough for a night (and had a pool to relax in after a day of hiking/driving!).



we rented a car - of course - and drove from las vegas airport to phoenix. even though we covered a lot of ground, it was only about 3 hours of driving per day (if that) so it didn't feel bad at all! 





eating on the road is weird - there aren't really any places that i would recommend. it's more about get down whatever you could find that doesn't look too bad! 

there was one place in bryce canyon that i loved their coffee. it was just called coffee shop - super cute (they had almond milk!) and kind of trendy even. would definitely recommend for morning meals / drinks.



oh my gosh - where to even begin. this is for sure an active trip so bring your hiking books. 

  • angels landing hike (zion): hard
  • observation point hike (zion): medium
  • emerald pools (zion): easy
  • narrows hike (zion): didn't get to do this but hiking through water!
  • rim trail hike (bryce): medium
  • queen's garden (bryce): medium
  • navajo loop (bryce): medium
  • go horseback riding along the ridge (bryce)
  • explore horseshoe bend (page)
  • walk through antelope canyon (page) - book in advance! lower was better!
  • stop along the drive to grand canyon for navajo goods (grand canyon)
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