Tuscany, Italy

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tuscany was one of the first stops i made in italy, and it proved to me why no one ever wanted to leave. the rolling hills and the lush greenery was just the beginning of my love affair with this place. everything seemed to be done with such care--from the food to the farming to even the way the little towns were organized. it's a romantically beautiful place that one could only dream of. 



i was lucky enough to travel to tuscany after a whirlwind trip with one of my best friends (who is a true italian). it was the first trip in a while that I hadn't done any planning for - and i am so grateful. 

we stayed in this beautiful eco-lodge overlooking the rolling hills of tuscany called paluffo. i cannot recommend it more. it was a magical, secluded, quiet romantic spot with bikes, a saltwater pool and yummy, homemade breakfast. the owner of this b&b is a solimier and often teaches wine and olive oil classes. too perfect.

p.s. did i mention that everything was sustainable (even their water removing tactics)?



we ended up coming from florence, and took a train from the city down to a small town called san pacrazio. it took about an hour and was really easy. the only difficult part was that we arrived during the town's naptime, and couldn't find a driver! definitely organize one beforehand.

in terms of getting around the region, we ended up biking to different wineries, which was an experience in itself. it's so beautiful. but, not having a car was somewhat difficult when it came to dinnertime since the b&b was pretty secluded. there was one awesome restaurant within walking distance. 



what is there not to eat! we weren't there for long, but here were some of my favorites:

  • c'era una volta: this place was within walking distance (through a forest!) from paluffo - but so delicious. pasta and yummy chianti wine is all you need to indulge here
  • any winery in montespertoli: all of them. 



this part of the world is perfect for indulgence: sleeping, relaxing, eating, drinking. do it all! don't feel guilty - it's too good to miss out.

  • bike to wineries in montespertoli
  • take an olive oil or wine tasting class
  • ride a donkey! 
  • go for a hike through the rolling hills 
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