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malta is an underrated gem. it's in an interesting area - in between africa, italy and spain that still feels undiscovered. even though it's close to all of these strong cultures--it hasn't really taken on any of them, and truly is a world of its own. come before it's the next hottest tourist destination.


where we stayed was a literal dream airbnb - penthouse complete with a wrap around porch overlooking the harbor. i don't think any other one could live up to it.

malta is an interesting place because even though it seems like a small island, things are pretty spread out. the neighborhood that we stayed in, saint paul's bay, was picturesque and away from the hustle and bustle. it's perfect for couples or those just wanting to relax.



we didn't have a car, which would have been easier to get around but public transportation is simple and reliable. definitely use that to get from point a to b - uber doesn't really exist and taxi's are basically nonexistant. definitely make sure to organize your transportation from the airport beforehand. 




i wouldn't exactly say that i was an adventurous eater on this trip. there weren't too many appealing options, but the restaurant underneath our airbnb was amazing. it was called pepe nero - stop there if you're in the area! 



there are surprisingly a lot of things to do and see in malta. here are some of my favorites:

  • swim in the blue lagoon
  • explore the beautiful silent city of mdina
  • wander the streets of valetta
  • spend the day relaxing at golden bay beach


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