Oahu, Hawaii


looking for some tips + tricks for your next adventure that don't break the bank (or your finally-developed self-care habits)?! i've compiled everything i found during my favorite trips around the globe so you don't have to! 

before going to hawaii, i had never felt so immediately connected to a place. but, as soon as i stepped off the plane, it seemed like it was in a place that was extremely familiar...even though i had never been there before. i can't understate the insanely natural beauty of hawaii--it's vibe and magic are everywhere. you just have to look outside of the normal spaces! 


we opted not to stay in waikiki because it was a bit touristy for us, and stayed in a (barebones) bed and breakfast in kailua called pillows in paradise. i would highly recommend kailua beach - the beach is one of the best in oahu, it has an adorable town (with a whole foods!) and it's pretty central. 

a few other places we were looking at were: surfjack (if you want to stay in waikiki i'd go for this one!) or b&b's on the north shore (if you're looking for something super remote and chill, do this).



we ended up renting a car (classic) which was so worth it. i'm honestly not sure how else you would get around if not. there's uber/lyft but it was almost just as expensive for one ride as our entire car was! and, the drives are so beautiful you honestly can't miss them.





we opted for lots of little, local spots instead of splurging on the fancy this time around. these were some of my favorites: 

  • hibachi: best poke bowls. hands down. it's a tiny deli-like spot in kailua; come here and grab a massive, fresh poke bowl and beer for lunch on the beach. so worth it.
  • nalu health bar & cafe: this spot was also in kailua and was super cute. they served acai bowls and smoothies out of fruit (like papaya!). super yummy coffee too.
  • island brew coffee house: soooo cute! awesome seating near the water. serves acai bowls, toasts, coffee and other healthy grub. perfect spot for after your hike up koko head! 
  • giovanni's shrimp truck: must. go. their original location is at a food truck stop on the north shore. get the fresh grilled corn at the stand next store, too. you will die and go to heaven.
  • haleiwa bowls: this is your acai bowl stop on the north shore. too cute, and serves great coffee for your post-surf chill.



hawaii has such a perfect mix of beach and outdoor activities. here are some that you can't miss! 

  • take surf lessons on the north shore (via north shore surf girls)
  • drive along the coast!
  • hike / sweat up koko head stairs
  • snorkel at shark's cove
  • catch a surf competition if you can! 
  • have a picnic at makapu'u tide pools
  • grab some shave ice!
  • check out waimea falls
  • relax at kailua beach
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