Big Sur, California

looking for some tips + tricks for your next adventure that don't break the bank (or your finally-developed self-care habits)?! i've compiled everything i found during my favorite trips around the globe so you don't have to!

big sur is one of those places in the u.s. that you can't believe still exists. it's almost untouched--driving down highway 1 feels like you're in another (more carefree) time. and, even though you might not have wifi, there are plenty of awesome spots to hit up that make you feel connected to the world at large.


we ended up getting a camp spot at pfeiffer big sur state park - likely because it was wintertime and there weren't any reservations. if you're able to score one of these spots definitely do it - it's beautiful and located centrally in the park. also, there's a store and small restaurant in case you forget anything like us. 

if camping isn't for you, there are plenty of beautiful hotels and places to stay in the area. some (that i heard) are awesome are: venata (splurge), post ranch inn (even more splurge!), deetjen's big sur inn (somewhat normal!).



a car is a must-do. there's not really any other way to get around, and also - half the beauty is driving down/up highway 1!




there are surprisingly a ton of good places to eat here. we spent our time camping, so we ended up making our own weird soups on the fire, but in the morning definitely hit up big sur bakery and big sur deli for those post-hike sammis. you could also hit up any of the local hotels for a splurge-worthy dinner if that's your thing.



hiking, camping, what else is there to do? here are some of my favorite things to do while you're in big sur:

  • watch the sunset at mcway falls
  • hike the edwoldsen trail
  • explore julia pfeiffer burns state park
  • have a lazy breakfast at the big sur bakery
  • spend an afternoon in carmel or montery on your way back! 
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