looking for some tips + tricks for your next adventure that don't break the bank (or your finally-developed self-care habits)?! i've compiled everything i found during my favorite trips around the globe so you don't have to!

i spent 3 months in australia...alone. with one backpack. and, it was the most life-changing thing i've ever done. spending an extended period of time in australia at the age of 21 is something that most people only dream of--and i would highly recommend it to anyone who is even thinking about it.

i completely bootstrapped my entire trip, but honestly it seemed like everyone was so i never felt too bad that i had no money. this guide is for those who are planning on traveling in a low-cost way; i'm sure that there are many, beautiful things to do or places to stay across the country depending on your budget.


throughout my trip, i only stayed in hostels. so, i won't give too many recommendations on places to stay, but i could give a run down of the locations and what their vibe was. 

  • sydney: really cool city that totally lives up to its reputation. super chill, easy to get around, beautiful beaches, and cool neighborhoods on the outskirts (think: bondi) that allow you to get away from the city vibe but still feel like it's accessible. 
  • byron bay: exactly what you think of when you think of australia. a tiny town along the coast where people walk around barefoot and surf all day. go here.
  • gold coast: basically like the jersey shore of australia. kind of touristy. not as worth it.
  • brisbane: did not like it here; kind of inland and only has a "lagoon" - don't count on spending too much time here. 
  • fraser island: coolest place ever. basically no cars are allowed on the "island" (it's miles and miles long) so there are loads of cool nature walks and swims to do.
  • whitsunday islands: ugh - this was the one thing i wanted to do so badly, but there was a monsoon. please do it if you can - it's supposed to be unreal.
  • magnetic island: a little hard to get to, but super beautiful and remote. lots of koalas!
  • cairns: a funky, weird town that has a lagoon instead of a beach (like most places up north). most people come here to go to the great barrier reef
  • other places i didn't get to try but wanted to: perth, uluru, tasmania, melbourne!



i purchased a 3-month greyhound bus ticket that allowed me to take buses essentially up the entire east coast. it was a godsend. i would highly recommend this if you're planning on backpacking (that's most of the people on the buses), or even don't want to drive.

otherwise, lots of people i met purchased vans and drove them around / slept out of them. i think that's pretty badass and would love to try it! 

if all of those options don't sound fun to you - there are flights between major cities.




the entire country is built on healthy toasts, yummy coffee and green juices. health is honestly just a way of life in australia - so enjoy it everywhere! since i was backpacking, i don't have specific recommendations of places to eat - but look out for places like bondi beach, and byron bay. just don't try the vegemite!



most time in australia is spent sitting on beaches, having bonfires, working out and getting drunk (seriously!). but there are also some awesome activities like:

  • climb the sydney harbor bridge at twilight
  • go to surf camp in noosa
  • play with koalas (anywhere)
  • go skydiving over the great barrier reef
  • swim in the great barrier reef
  • visit steve irwin and the australia zoo
  • drive a 4wd on fraser island
  • see sunrise over uluru
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