My favorite tiny towns in Mexico

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For D’s birthday this year, we ended up taking a week-long trip to Mexico. Even though we’ve both been to Mexico separately (as have many of you for a little something called spring break I’m sure!) – we never actually got to explore the culture. We had only been to the touristy spots and wanted to get into those off the beaten path.

And oh boy, did we find them.

This might have been one of my favorite trips we’ve ever taken. It was perfectly relaxing and cultural. I honestly didn’t want to leave.

We visited two small towns that I desperately want everyone to visit (even though I selfishly want to keep them to myself!). One of them, Sayulita, is a beach town outside of the famous spot, Puerto Vallarta – and is a bit more well known. The other, Tezpotlan, is in a sacred valley outside of Mexico City and a bit more under-the-radar.

They’re both magical.

Here’s a bit of a description about each of them. I can’t wait to visit again – and live vicariously through you all who see them again!


Sayulita is a hippie town about 45-minutes outside of Puerto Vallarta. It’s a magical spot that exists within a 4-block radius (seriously), but with tons of vibrancy, color and options.


We stayed in a new boutique hotel called AMAIA. It was great – the pool was clean and relaxing, the rooms were trendy (and had big screen TVs in all of them) and a super friendly team. I’d say – it’s definitely not luxurious by any means, but nice for Sayulita standards.


There’s not much to do besides relax at the beach and explore the town…but it’s all you need. Here were some of my favorite spots in town:


  • Miscellaneous Coffee: I’m obsessed; I want to go here every freakin’ day. It was brand new when we got there and kind of hidden from the main street – but delicious coffee and cool vibe. I went here every day if that gives you any indication!

  • El Conejo: Yum – these tacos were trendy and delicious. If you’re looking for tacos without risking getting sick, this is your spot. Their Taco Tuesday deals are awesome ($1 tacos).

  • Revolution Burritos: D + I were obsessed with this spot (and, not just because they were definitely down for the revolution). $3 real burritos are a magical thing.

  • El Patio: My favorite spot to grab drinks on the beach. Chill on their bean bags and enjoy a corona!

  • The Anchor: If you’re craving a smoothie bowl, hit up this tiny spot in town. All their ingredients are super healthy (and local).

  • Evoke Boutique: My favorite spot in all of Sayulita. Their products are freakin’ gorgeous and handmade in town by locals. Definitely treat yourself to something beautiful here.

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This magical village is something out of a dream. It’s about an hour south of Mexico City by bus (yes, we took a bus!) but it feels like it’s worlds away.

Tepoztlan is located in a “sacred valley” in one of Mexico’s most spiritual places in the country. Tepoztlan has been the center of spirituality, meditation and healing for centuries - starting with special Aztec temples and birthing the modern psychedelic movement.

No matter if you’re into mushrooms or meditation (or neither) Tepoztlan is a beautiful place with an energy you can’t just place your finger on. It might be one of my most favorite places in the world.

We didn’t spend too much time there, but I would recommend a couple of things:

  • To stay: We stayed a bit outside of town at Hostal de la Luz and it was freakin’ amazing. 10/10 would recommend. So affordable, so clean, so beautiful. And, they have a shaman on site where he leads daily meditations, mindfulness activities and hikes. Thinking about having a retreat here but shhh…!

  • To do: Definitely take advantage of the plethora of tezmecal experiences (healing with heat). We did ours at the hotel, but you can look at any in town! There’s also a ton of hiking, weekend fairs + shopping in town.

  • To get around: Uber is really easy to use (we took this back to the city), but takes a little while depending on where you’re staying. You can also take the bus from CDMX - super easy and only $5!

Katina Mountanos