Mexico City

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Mexico City is a city of ironies. It’s colorful and vibrant, but still perfectly relaxing. It has world class food for insanely cheap prices. It’s home to 9 million people, but everyone is still…nice.

 It might be one of my favorite cities in the world, even though I wasn’t feeling well for a large majority of my time there. Beware of altitude sickness (for real!). As someone who loves trying new foods, especially in different cultures, this lady was really upset that I ended up having pizza (yes, seriously) in a place that has hundreds of amazing restaurants.

 But, that FOMO aside – Mexico City has plenty to do regardless of your interests. Whether you’re an art lover or prefer sitting in the park, it has everything that one could imagine – and a vibe that you don’t want to miss.


We stayed in one of my favorite Airbnb’s ever – the room was on the rooftop of the building, which was decorated with Frida Khalo’s face (yes, seriously). Let alone that the spacious room was less than $50/night and located in one of the coolest neighborhoods – we were sold.

Airbnbs are trendy and inexpensive, so definitely look out for those. Here are some of the coolest neighborhoods you’ll want to stay in:

  • Roma Norte / Juarez: This is the neighborhood we stayed in and it was freakin’ perfect. It reminds me of a cleaner, Mexican version of Williamsburg. Tons of cool restaurants, art galleries, vintage stores and coffee shops. And, it’s totally walkable.

  • La Condesa – This is the neighborhood that everyone can’t stop talking about in CDMX. It’s right next to Roma and has a similar vibe; it’s a bit more colorful and trendy.

  • Polanco – this is like the Upper East Side of CDMX; super wealthy and spacious. The only difference? It’s filled with tons of famous restaurants (think: Pujol and Quintontil). If you’re looking for a high end hotel, this is probably your spot.


CDMX is extremely easy to get around. Be sure that you have Uber on your phone before you go – it’s so easy to use and insanely cheap. On average, the price to go nearly anywhere in the city is about $2.

Just beware – the city itself seems walkable…until you try it. You can definitely stroll within neighborhoods and potentially around the city if you’re feeling adventurous – but taking a car is much easier.

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Oh wow – the food in CDMX is a major activity. Eating happens on the late-night, and street food is just as exciting as fancy restaurants. There are also tons of cool bars, coffee shops and bakeries that I can’t name them all here! There are lots of articles that try to summarize the best, but here are some of my favorites:


  • Huset: beautiful outdoor garden seating area with delicious drinks and food. Unassuming from the outside, but worth it for a lazy, late afternoon lunch!

  • Pujol: Oh wow – this is a must-do while in CDMX. It’s a famous restaurant and lives up to it’s expectations. Also, when can you get a 7-course meal for $120?! Definitely not state-side. Be sure to have your drink or dessert in the garden.

  • Mercado Roma: Cool, trendy food hall with lots of CDMX favorite spots in one location

  • Churreria el Moro: Oh gosh – you’ve got to go. Best churros in the city – and such a cute spot!

  • Licoreria Limantour: Rated as one of the best cocktail bars in the world last year! Really unassuming spot but delicious drinks (and non-alcoholic ones too!)

  • Ojo de Agua: Multiple locations around CDMX but a safe spot to get juices and healthy foods. You’ll need it after all those street tacos!

  • Vegamuso: We found this spot when we needed some vegan goodness – and it lived up to the expectation. Definitely go for the Mexican foods (not the smoothies), but delicious anyhow!

  • Café NIN: Really cool coffee shop in Juarez with a bookshop-vibe. Great for an afternoon relaxing coffee shop after exploring.

  • Blend Bar: This spot is super popular with digital nomads, so it might be better to grab your cold brew on the go! But, it’s a perfect spot if you’re craving a strong coffee (…and maybe missing those avocado toasts).

  • Café Avellaneda: We didn’t get to go here but a famous coffee spot near the Frida Khalo museum.


A lot of the best things to do in Mexico City are just strolling around without a plan. My favorite parts of our trip were stumbling upon a cool shop or restaurant. But, here are a few can’t miss things to do:

  • Visit Frida Kahlo’s home (be sure to get tickets in advance, it gets busy!) and stroll around this neighborhood south of the city

  • Have a picnic in the park

  • Visit art galleries in Roma Norte

  • Attend a Lucho Libre match!

  • Take a day / night trip outside the city – our favorite spot was going to Tezpotzlan (a town 1.5 hours south) for Tezmacal. More on this soon!

Katina Mountanos