5 Accessories To Bring On Your Next Summer Adventure

5 Accessories To Bring On Your Next Summer Adventure

Since I entered the Working World, I’ve been low-key treating myself to a really long European adventure at the end of the summer. It’s my semi-adult way of “starting off the year” with my best foot forward. I hadn’t originally intended for this two-week adventure around European beaches and seaside towns to become an annual thing, but it keeps becoming more magical. One can even say I’m addicted.

This year, my whirlwind trip will be through tiny Mediterranean villages, jumping between Malta, Greece, Portugal and Spain (you can follow along on IG!). And, since I’ve been packing for these long adventures in a carry-on suitcase for just about 3 years now – I think I can call myself an expert.

As I started packing for this year’s trip, I pulled out some of my favorite tips, tricks and accessories that I use to pack light and effectively. Although this one’s for the ladies (mostly) – my boyfriend is still incapable of packing unless I’m there. So, follow along and here’s to making the rest of our summer travels the best yet!


Multi-purpose travel bag

I’ve switched over to a lightweight duffel bag, instead of a rolling suitcase for a variety of reasons – the main reason being that cobblestone streets are not made for tiny, little wheels. I am slightly obsessed with my Patagonia duffel-bag-that-turns-into-a-backpack – it’s spacious enough for multiple shoes, and still makes it onto a Ryanair flight. Find it here.


Accessories pouch

When traveling, organization is key. Because, it is a special kind of hell when your toothbrush is no where to be found – only to be rolling around on the bottom of your bag. I’ve found that my Rose Kipling Harrie Pouch always has just enough room (and pockets!) for everything that I need. And, cute enough to whip out on the plane with 5 minutes to spare.


Versatile watch

I was never a watch person, but when you find one that doubles for a timekeeper, bracelet, and gets compliments up the wazoo, you never want to let it go. I use my Rose Gold Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose watch literally everywhere I go. And plus, using a cute watch lets you detox from your phone for a little while, too. Use my code ONADULTING15 for 15% off.


Colorful Scarf

Scarves are underrated as one of the best travel accessories. When you find the right one, it could serve as a blanket on the plane, sarong on the beach, and even a tool to dress up your travel bag. I found my favorite one at a market in Zanzibar, but this one from Aldo comes in for a close second. I always look for lots of surface area, and a variety of colors so that I can use it anytime, anywhere.


Maxi Dress(es)

My favorite piece of clothing to bring on beach vacations are maxi dresses. They are perfect to transition from day to night. During the day, I usually tie a knot on the bottom of the dress to make it a bit more casual; during the evening I let it flow. My favorite ones are from Lulus, or found thrifting in Brooklyn!


What are your favorite accessories when packing for your summer travels? Tell me in the comments! 🙂


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