Our Principles


As members of the Tribe, this is how we live.



Be here. Being present is at the center of everything real. We spend so much of our time half-assing it, we must set aside some time to truly live in the Right Now (and we don’t mean consequences are out the door).

Be curious. Being inquisitive brings Us to better places. We are explorers and adventurers. We leave no rock unturned, and no question unasked.

Be thoughtful. Being able to immerse yourself in thought is a special gift, especially in our high-speed lives. We know that. We don’t care how it’s done–whether you think best in the fresh air, or a conference room–we want you to be grounded & take time to reflect.

Be hungry. Being an eager beaver is something we admire. We want to see that passion, that drive, and that hunger to transform Yourself & others.

Be You. Being yourself–truly–is one of the hardest things in the book. We want you to bring your full self to everything you do–the good, the bad, and the ugly.